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Minecraft qCraft interview: the mod that lets you build quantum computers with blocks

Duncan Geere at

Daniel Ratcliffe is the creator of the influential Minecraft mod ComputerCraft, which allows players to code for in-game computers. But his latest project, qCraft, is even more audacious - teaching quantum computing to the next generation of programmers. We spoke to him to find out what it was like working with Google, why modpacks dominate Minecraft mod discovery and how to teleport a house to the bottom of the ocean.

Google to teach quantum mechanics through Minecraft

Perry Vandell at

I’m not the first person to admit that I don’t have the firmest grasp on quantum mechanics or the computational mechanics that utilize them. Sure, I’ll bust out the Schrodinger’s cat situation at the many intellectual gatherings I’m totally invited to, but that’s where my familiarity with all things quantum ends. Google’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab wants that to change for the world’s youth, and found the best way to accomplish that task was through non-other than Minecraft.