Potato sack sale

Portal 2 potato sack indie devs given "free reign" to design launch ARG

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The indie developers involved in the potato sack sale say that they were given "free reign" to design the ARG, as well as "access to any IP we wanted." Edge have been catching up with the potato sack developers to find out exactly how the enormous ARG came together.

Play Potato Sack games, get Portal 2 early

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The Portal 2 countdown we mentioned earlier has come to a dramatic conclusion.

According to the new site, gamers can "Help release Portal 2 early" by playing the 13 indie games in The Potato Sack bundle. You can also buy the collection of indies bundled with Portal 2.

So what are you waiting for? We're off to play Killing Floor. Yeah!

Thanks to leswordfish for pointing out this handy Portal 2 release date calculator thing. Is it accurate? Guess we'll find out soon.

Portal 2 levels appear in potato sack games, clues suggest Portal 2 could be released early

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When we took an overview of the remarkable happenings in the potato sack ARG yesterday, the trail was going cold, and it looked as though things were winding down. For a few hours at least, they were, then it all kicked off again. New updates have added Portal 2 themed levels to many of the games in the potato sack sale. The voice of Glados has started appearing in menu screens and secret messages, and to top it all, Bit.Trip Beat creators, Gaijin, dropped a heavy hint that completing the ARG could cause Portal 2 to be released early.

Adding fuel to that theory, today Portal 2 became available to pre-load through Steam. We've collected videos and screenshots of the new Portal 2 themed levels from potato sack sale below.

The Valve Potato ARG so far: pole climbing, codes and Aperture Science art

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Ever since April 1, an army of curious Valve fans have been ploughing through the remarkable potato fools day ARG. Emails from Gabe Newell and some hidden messages in the recent Portal 2 turrets trailer provided some of the clues, but for the most part, the heart of the mystery has been the huge interlaced conspiracy built by the thirteen indie developers who made the potato sack sale games.

Hidden messages, ciphers, glyphs and encoded images are just a few of the elements in this bizarre tale. The fact that one man climbed a twelve foot pole to retrieve one of the clues demonstrates the level of dedication among the ARG's players. So far the game has turned up some wonderful Portal 2 art, but while the trail has gone quiet, there may still be some surprises in store. Here's a brief overview of some of the weirdest goings on in Valve's new ARG.

Portal 2 trailer sells turrets, contains secret messages

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The latest Portal 2 trailer tells you why you'd want to own your very own Aperture Science turret, probably the friendliest tools of death you're ever likely to fall victim to. This is more than just another Portal 2 trailer, however, hidden away between the cuts there are secret messages, encoded in ASCII, which feed back into the mysterious goings on in Steam's recent potato sack sale.