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Portal 2 review scores 94 and an Editor's Choice award in PC Gamer

Owen Hill at

We've played and reviewed Portal 2 and awarded it 94 and an Editor's Choice award. The review appears in the latest issue of PC Gamer US, and the June issue of PC Gamer UK, on-sale May 11.

Why did it get that score and the prestigious award? We described it as “hilariously well-written and acted”, “full of thrilling showcase moments” and “some of the most social gaming you’ll have.” We basically think it’s outstanding.

Check the site when Portal 2 is released for our full review, catch up on the Potato Sack ARG, or read our most recent preview for more. You can subscribe to PC Gamer US here and PC Gamer UK here.

Play Potato Sack games, get Portal 2 early

Owen Hill at

The Portal 2 countdown we mentioned earlier has come to a dramatic conclusion.

According to the new site, gamers can "Help release Portal 2 early" by playing the 13 indie games in The Potato Sack bundle. You can also buy the collection of indies bundled with Portal 2.

So what are you waiting for? We're off to play Killing Floor. Yeah!

Thanks to leswordfish for pointing out this handy Portal 2 release date calculator thing. Is it accurate? Guess we'll find out soon.

Glados hacking ARG player accounts, ominous messages emerge

Tom Senior at

The potato fools day ARG has taken a sinister turn. Key solvers of some of the ARG's puzzles have had their Steam accounts changed. ARG players have tried communicating with these players via Steam chat, and have been receiving deeply suspicious messages in return.

To add to this, players created a spectrogram of the latest Steamcast, and found a message from Glados within. You'll find the image below, along with a steam chat window showing an exchange with one of the hacked ARG players. You can keep up with the latest Valve ARG news on the Valve ARG wiki.