The importance of playing games with your kids

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We constantly hear about the "perils" of gaming and the "corrupting" influence our favorite hobby has on young generations, but the positive side of gaming rarely gets its time in the spotlight. I recently had a quick chat with Tom Purdue, a new community manager for KingsIsle--the dev team behind Wizard101 and Pirate101--where we chatted about the positive influence that parents playing videogames with their kids can have.

Kid-friendly MMO Pirate101 announced by makers of Wizard101

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Gamer daddies and mommas have had a longtime ally in KingsIsle, the dev studio behind Wizard101, which has been one of the most entertaining kid-friendly MMOs out there for several years. Just yesterday the studio announced their next offering, Pirate101, which trades in the card-game combat of Wizards for turn-based strategy and throws the whole thing in a pirate world where galleons fly among the stars.