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E3 2011: Tim's video verdict - Ubisoft Press Conference

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Tim likes people pointing cameras in his face and saying "talk now please" that he's sent us another video verdict, this time covering Ubisoft's press conference. He talks about the three games from the presentation that we should be excited about, while jaunty music plays in the background. Among his selections are the gorgeous Trackmania sequel, and the Inglourious Basterds-inspired Brothers in Arms: Furious 4. That second one's quite a departure: last time we left the series, we were mediating on the nature of war and seeing ghosts inside an earnest soldier's head. Now we'll be lopping scalps off comedy-Nazis and shooting people while they poo. There's also talk of Far Cry 3, something Graham covered in detail in his preview.

E3 2011: Tim's video verdict - EA Press Conference

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Tim gave us his verdict on EA's E3 press conferences yesterday, but he used boring words without any flashing pictures or explosions. He's rectified that now, having sent us this missive across the ocean, direct from the show floor. Inside, he explains the games of most interest to PC gamers, shows snippets of video for people too sensible to watch the entire two hours of grandstanding, and looks very, very sleepy.

E3 2011: EA Press Conference: the verdict

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This year’s EA press conference had to deliver three things for me: a focus on PC gaming, a ridiculously impressive Battlefield 3 demo, and the release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic. We got two out of three. The demo for Battlefield 3 was a visually impressive, superbly choreographed tank battle that showed off DICE’s technology to the fullest. It looked violent, fun, and a step above the competition. In the war between CoD and Battlefield, Battlefield slew Activision’s shooter.

E3 2011: Ubisoft Press Conference: the verdict

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I had a few ideas of what to expect from Ubisoft at E3 2011. They’re consistently the funniest, silliest, most entertaining of all the major publishers – they do what they want. Even though I can’t stand Rayman, the stupid haired buffoon.