Sci-fight! Watch competitive Tribes: Ascend tonight

Evan Lahti at

High-level jetpack combat is happening tonight, and you should watch. Matches between top American and European Tribes teams are being broadcast on at 8 PM PST, or 11 PM EST in 1080p for free. If that's past your bedtime, don't fret—Hi-Rez tells me the matches will be posted to YouTube later.

Who's playing: "Wednesday will feature ZFZ (zfz) facing Tao of Tribe (istao). Afterward, Grumpy Old Vets (GoV) will face off against Working as Intended (wai). On Thursday, Boats n Hoes (BnH) will fight Area 51 (a51), followed by Stack n Hack (SnH) facing off against Deadstop (.ds)," reads the event press release. Expect more Tribes matches on NASL going forward, too.

Let me cheerlead a little—Tribes: Ascend to succeeding as an eSport would be great for PC gaming. It's a hard thing for FPSes to do; you don't have the semi-omniscience that RTS cameras provide, and the action can erupt and fizzle in mere seconds rather than slow-burning from unit production to positioning to combat. Watch tonight and show your support.

A very merry StarCraft 2 weekend: get ready for the NASL Finals

Spencer Wightman, TeamLiquid at

Today at 11 AM PST (that's 7 PM in the UK, for those of you counting on your fingers), the finals of the North American Star League commence. To help you enjoy what should be a world-class tournament, we've prepared a guide on everything you need to know and a collection of all relevant links.

On paper, the highlight of the day may be a match between MC and BoxeR—an historic meeting of the young, current SC2 master and the former Brood War champion. Start popping that corn (or preparing creative methods to watch at work), and read on for more details.

The biggest name in e-sports heads stateside: SlayerS_BoxeR applies to join NASL

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Nicknames can say a lot: Lim Yo-Hwan, a man who plays Starcraft and Starcraft II as SlayerS_BoxeR, is nicknamed The Emperor. The story of Starcraft's phenomenal rise in South Korea, and in particular its emergence as an e-sport, is inextricably bound to Boxer's star-crossed career. Today, that career has taken a new turn and created the biggest transfer story in E-sports history.

SlayerS_BoxeR has applied to join the startup North American Star League. The NASL's inaugural season kicks off on Tuesday 5th April, a North American alternative to Korea's superb Global Starcraft League (GSL), with 50 players and a prize pool of $400,000 dedicated exclusively to Starcraft II. So why's Boxer applying? Click more for the details and his application video.