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Natural Selection 2 update will introduce female marines

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You would think that, of all times and all places, a future space war between aliens and humanity would be the last place you'd find people getting bashful about women serving in the military. I can't imagine screechy pterodactyls care which gender they're chewing on. If gooey bio-reptiles can get past these prejudices, can't we all? *Cue inspirational music* So it's good to see that Natural Selection 2 developer Unknown Worlds have announced the addition of a female marine, planned for an upcoming update to the multiplayer FPS strategy.

Titanfall devs explain multiplayer-only decision and "single-player feeling world"

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People in walking, jet-boosting tanks tend to attract a lot of attention, but what of the industrious men and women who make sure that tank doesn't blow a gasket the second you turn the ignition? Don't they deserve to say at least a few words before fleeing from my path of carnage and mayhem? In the behind-the-scenes video shown at EA's press conference, Respawn's devs take the chance to explain their creation.

Bungie wants Destiny on "as many platforms as possible"

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Destiny may have answered plenty of burning questions with its gameplay demo back at E3, but there’s one query that’s still crackling on the fire: is it coming to PC? Destiny Design Director and Writer Joseph Staten remained reticent during his interview with GameSpot, but he did acknowledge that the developer's silence might be “painful” for others.

Battlefield 4 stream is showing multiplayer games live from the E3 2013 show floor

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As I write a helicopter is on fire trying to strafe the top level of the Shanghai skyscraper that collapsed in the impressive E3 demo yesterday. The Battlfield 4 multiplayer livestream is up, showing live feeds from the 64 networked PCs running BF4 on the show floor. It's a good opportunity to tour that huge new map though, word of warning, they seem to be saying the word "levolution" a lot. Aha! The skyscraper just collapsed. It turns out that fills the whole map with dust, and repositions the capture point at the top of the skyscraper in the midst of its wrecked foundations. Watch the chaos below.

Warframe update boosts ninja quotient with clan Dojos and new weapons

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A new content update to Warframe adds blades, buildings, and more to the Digital Extremes third-person action title. Update 8.0 Rise of the Warlords brings new locations to the game universe for clan and coop play, and also introduces—for the first time—some rusted-out, enemy-packed Grineer starships to explore.

Destiny on PC still uncertain, Bungie writer says

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The arrival of Bungie's upcoming online shooter Destiny on the PC remains an open question, according to a new IGN interview with Bungie writer and community relations manager Eric Osborne. The Halo developer has already announced the future release of the sci-fi title for PS3 and PS4 as well as the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but apparently no decision has been made—yet—about bringing the first-person shooter to a fifth platform.

Team Fortress 2 Robotic Boogaloo update adds 57 new items

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Because sometimes you just need more rivets and scrap metal to get the job done. Team Fortress 2's latest content patch Robotic Boogaloo went live today, the first update forged entirely by the Valve shooter's own community. The update includes 57 new items, all of which we're told are totally new and completely non-derivative. The new item set includes some strange and wonderful mechanical hats, at least one of which is a delicious metal hot dog.

Hour-long Star Wars Battlefront 3 stream shows what could have been

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If you're the sort of person that likes to torment yourself with thoughts of what could have been, then you're going to love this hour-long stream of the cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 3, recorded yesterday in celebration of the series ('May the 4th be with you' and all that). It's "pre-alpha", so not the disputed "99% done" version that was axed by LucasArts - but nevertheless it appears to be (sorta) playable, if a little spotty visually. Battlefront fans can check it out here, but be sure to have your monogrammed Darth Vader handkerchiefs at the ready.

Guncraft trailer proves that if you build it, they will kill you

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Here's what we thought of Guncraft when we finally got our hands all over its - ouch - jagged voxels, but if you're itching to see how the competitive voxel-'em-up mixes Minecraft-style building with Call of Duty-style killin', you should probably direct your blocky, lo-res faces towards the latest trailer. As you might imagine, being able to create blocks of varying terrain and strength and drop them in the map in real-time creates some interesting tactical opportunities - as does constructing prefab structures beforehand, and deploying, say, a sniper tower into the world. A reminder: Guncraft is not the same as Ace of Spades, despite your brain's attempts to tell you otherwise.

Arma 3 trailer talks up modding, aims a few sneaky digs at Battlefield 3

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There's a new Arma 3 video out from community man, Dslyecxi, in which he talks about what Arma 3 is and why you should buy it in eight minutes. It's considerably less insidious than your standard marketing plop, and its effects are enhanced by the fact that Arma 3 is actually looking really good.

The alpha has changed my perspective on the series. I've always enjoyed Arma from afar, living and dying vicariously through veterans' videos, now I want to get stuck in. The idea of sitting in a bush for an hour waiting for a perfect sniper shot seems suddenly more appealing. Arma is something I actually want to play, not just read about.

Battlefield 3: End Game maps have snow, sand, forests, secret ramps

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Battlefield 3: Ramps of WAR would be a better title for the final expansion pack. It adds a new AA vehicle, capture the flag, jumpy dirt bikes and four quite large new maps. "They are comparable to Caspian Border and Operation Firestorm from the base game" say DICE in the latest post on the Battlefield blog. Expect to hit conveniently collapsed bridges/angled stone slabs for massive air across desert, arctic and alpine locales. Spy them for yourself in the new screenshots below.

Battlefield 3 End Game pack to include vehicle dropship, dirt bikes, capture the flag

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Battlefield 3's fifth expansion will be all about speed, according to information on CVG. They report that the four new maps added in End Game will host three new vehicles (including a dirt bike) and a drop ship that "provides support to ground troops with vehicle drop capabilities." That extra pace should prove useful in the returning Capture The Flag mode. I'm looking forward to seeing the ensuing silliness rendered in Battlefield 3's ultra-gritty environments.

Team Fortress 2 Mecha Update introduces robot Engineers, new weapons and winter items

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A sudden Greevil population explosion has cancelled Christmas in Dota 2, but teams Red and Blu face bigger problems in Team Fortress. The robot menace introduced in the MvM update continues to threaten the values that TF2's nine classes hold dear, like the right to not spend Christmas battling sinister robot versions of themselves.

TED talk outlines how action games help your brain

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How's your brain? Is it full of thoughts of the weekend and exciting upcoming things like DINNER and CHRISTMAS? Good, you might be pleased to know that thanks to action games like Call of Duty, your brain is probably better at juggling multiple thoughts of dinner and Christmas better than the average non-gamer brain. It's also good at tracking happy and sad children as they bounce around a circular playground, and is better at picking grey objects from a grey background. We can thank Gears of War for that. Cognitive researcher Daphne Bavelier can do a much better job of explaining it all than I, so I'll give up the stage to her TED performance, which you'll find embedded below.

Far Cry 3 level editor detailed: hundreds of assets, waterfalls and tunnels

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Far Cry 3 will its own improved version of the user-friendly level editor that shipped with Far Cry 2. That's according to a report from Far Cry 2 mapper Fallen Champ, who visited the Ubisoft Massive studio in Malmo, Sweden, earlier this month and got an early look at the updated tools. He's posted plenty of details of his experience on the Ubisoft forums.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 patch fixes sinking horses, allows 90 degree FOV

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Martin's steed got stuck in quicksand and couldn't extract itself during our review of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. According to the latest patch notes posted on the CoD forums, spotted by Strategy Informer, the problem has been fixed. The update also boosts CoD's field of view allowance to 90 degrees, good news for anyone experiencing the strange tunnel vision queasiness that those tight FOV settings can cause.

Performance has also been smoothed out for those with four or more CPU cores, server matchmaking has been improved and "connection interrupted" multiplayer errors fixed. Patch notes below.

Battlefield 3 Aftermath footage talks up Tehran maps, wins war with Crossbows

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The gutted interior of a tower in Tehran's financial district and the shattered remains of a parliament building are two spectacles talked about but not shown in the latest Aftermath footage. We do get descriptions of the four new maps, however, which include "devastated financial district map Markaz Monolith, the heavily destroyed Epicentre map, the Talah market map, which is a mix of the old and the new architecture of the city, and finally Azadi Palace, a huge urban landscape with a massive parliament building at its core." Catch new moving pictures of dusty tussles in Tehran's tattered streets below.

Aliens: Colonial Marines survivor multiplayer trailer goes badly for all humans involved

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The latest Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer shows of Survivor mode, in which playable Xenomorphs face off against a team of human-controlled Marine meatbags. The Marines must stay alive long enough to secure a small area in the face of waves of Xenospawn. The trailer shows a few new alien types as well, including one that tears its own head open and then explodes, and one that mounts Marines and vomits acid into their faces. Shouting, screaming, shrieking and the white noise of endless machine gun fire await you in the video below.

Far Cry 3 trailer shows multiplayer action, barrel bombs, hallucinations

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Remember Far Cry 2's multiplayer mode? With that user-friendly level editor? Perhaps not. When I think of Far Cry I imagine standing on a hillside looking at a gorgeous open world that explodes as I pull a rebar out of my broken hand. Deathmatch doesn't spring to mind, but there's no reason why Far Cry 3's multiplayer mode shouldn't be good. It's got guns, right? And men to shoot. And "innovations" like "battle cries" and "team support weapons" and the like.

One of those team support weapons is a psych bomb that seems to drop hallucinogenics onto an area of the battlefield, resulting in some quite interesting visual quirks. See that and much more in the new multiplayer trailer below.

Red Orchestra 2 free update tweaks Countdown mode and adds extra map

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World War 2 multiplayer military sim, Red Orchestra 2, now contains more war courtesy of the latest free Fall update. It adds a new map and a streamlined version of the Countdown game mode, which is now "much simpler to understand." Blue's News note that those playing Countdown will now earn double experience to celebrate. The new map, meanwhile, is a modern take on popular Red Orchestra 1 map, Barashka, which stars alongside bands of warring men in the latest update trailer below.