Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn 'Defenders of Eorzea' update launches today

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What more could you want from a major Final Fantasy XIV update than Chocobo raising? A lot apparently, because update 2.3 for Square Enix's well-received MMO reboot is teeming with new content. Dungeons, questlines, bosses and new game modes abound. Chief among the additions is a new three-faction PVP mode called Frontline, which allows 72 players to brawl head-to-head in the region of Carteneau. That won't be confusing at all.

Star Wars: The Old Republic 'Galactic Strongholds' player housing detailed

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Announced back in March, the SW:TOR Galactic Strongholds expansion will introduce player housing to the space opera MMO. While the expansion's Early Access was recently delayed until August, a new BioWare update provides some nitty-gritty on how the free expansion will work and all the fancy things you'll be able to do with your virtual digs.

WildStar trailer demonstrates depth of customisation ahead of next week's launch

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Ahead of Wildstar’s official launch on June 3, Carbine Studios has released a three minute video showing off how colourful and customisable the long-awaited space MMO is. If you’re the type who doesn’t feel comfortable in an MMO without blinged out player housing that screams you, then Wildstar has you covered, friend. The video claims it can accommodate anything “your twisted little brain” can imagine, which is just swell. You can even have ferris wheels in your backyard.

Elder Scrolls Online end-game content options explained in new developer post

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After teasing most of us (and horrifying some of us) for what seems like ages, Elder Scrolls Online will finally launch in just eight short days on April 4. If I’m any judge, barely 48 hours after that, someone, somewhere, will hit the level 50 experience cap and lord it over the rest of us. For the dedicated, a new blog post at the ESO website details the many ways we’ll be able to explore Tamriel after our journey through the levels is complete.

E3 2014: Predicions and wild, feral speculation

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We used the only viable fuel source with the world's only time machine to visit E3 2014, and bring back the gaming news of the future for you, our loyal readers. The haters will say we could have done something more beneficial for humanity with this singular opportunity, but we usually just ban people like that. What new boxes will you be able to plug into your TV? Will everyone own a Rift? Do your emotional scars from Game of Thrones Season 3 ever heal? We have the 100 percent accurate, non-speculative answers to all this and more.

PC Gamer US Podcast #354 - Uncle Samurai

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Fresh meat! This week we introduce the two, new conscripts to the PCG Intern Corps: Ben and Jake. They join veterans Logan, Evan, and T.J. to discuss the looming gorgon of E3, the state of MMOs in the West, and the exact mass of Double Fine's chalice.

Minecraft Central Lobby System unifies servers, opens door to Minecraft MMOs

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Lobbies are great. Where else can you talk to a snooty hotel concierge, browse a selection of outdated magazines, or ponder whether or not you need to go to the toilet? They're also great in online games, providing an in-game common ground/nexus/stargate-command that's a wee bit more exciting than simply selecting servers from a list. PCGamesN report that developers HighlifeTTU and lazertester (as they are known on Reddit at least) have created such a lobby, complete with a swimming area, a lounge and even a dancefloor, for when you want to bust moves rather than blocks.

Three crazy ways politics are taking over MMOs

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If you feel like you’re not getting enough politics from your everyday life, never fear—several virtual worlds out there offer plenty of opportunity for you to practice your campaigning and scheming. Here’s a closer look at political systems for three of them.

Report: Free-to-play MMO spending jumped 24% in 2011

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You thought you knew the score. You thought you had a pitch-perfect plan for precisely how this was going to go down. "I'll play for free, get bored, and move on. Nice and simple. No muss, no fuss," you explained to nobody in particular. And then: whammo! Your lunch money's gone. Now you're residing in a cardboard box and competing with large wildcats (or your local large wildcat equivalent) for sustenance.

But on the bright side, free-to-play MMOs had a fantastic year.

Firefall's Mark Kern talks MMO evolution and the "Circle of Suck"

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I got to talk to Mark Kern a few weeks ago. He's previously worked on Starcraft, Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3. But Mark also knows his MMOs. He was team leader on World of Warcraft and he's currently CEO of Red 5 Studios - the team behind MMO FPS Firefall.

Mark reckons massively multiplayer games need to evolve dramatically if they're to be successful. "We’ve got to break out of the mould." said the CEO. "If I see another action MMO combat game with exclamation points over quest givers, I’m going to commit seppuku! We’re pouring so much money down a very stale formula. It’s an illusion to say that "Oh, that’s safety. It used to be safety but it's not anymore."

Giveaway: Win a full year of top-of-the-line guild/clan website hosting!

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Update: The winners have been chosen! May they serve their guilds and their fancy new websites well. Thanks to everyone who entered!

It's every gamer's dream to someday run their own clan or guild. Even if you don't want all the hassle that comes with being a leader of loot-hounds in an MMO guild or of ego-maniacs in a shooter clan, you want that sweet, sweet prestige and sense of superiority that comes from being the man or woman in charge. (Plus you totally get to pick the guild colors yourself, so you can make sure they match your gear nicely.)

And every guild/clan worth their salt needs to have a professional-looking website to attract new recruits, keep everyone up-to-date of upcoming events, and give members a place to unwind and talk shop while they're not in-game. Good news, loyal PC Gamer readers--today is the perfect day for you to launch that guild or clan you've been dreaming of! It's time to throw off the shackles of your oppressive guild leader and strike a new claim in your own name, rallying other players to your side! And we're going to help 10 of you get started by giving you a free one-year subscription to's ultimate guild/clan website hosting package! Read on for full details.

Fallen Earth Mobile Companion App updated

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Fallen Earth recently launched a new version of its companion mobile app for Blackberry, Android, and Apple devices. The update added a lot of premium features, while making all of the previously paid-for features of the free-to-download app available at no cost. Staying in touch with your guildies, and maintaining production lines and social connections inside your favorite MMO while out and about is invaluable, and mobile apps like this are reason enough for any hardcore MMO gamer to have a smart phone or iPod touch. So far we've been impressed with this particular app's functionality. Expect a full diagnosis in the magazine and online soon, but for now, here's a breakdown of the features for potential buyers.