End of Nations has resurfaced, is now a DotA-like

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I'm sighing the weary sigh of a man staring into the future and seeing naught but DoTA clones. You may remember End of Nations as the Petroglyph developed free-to-play MMORTS that ran into trouble after its open beta was postponed and members of staff were laid off. Subsequently taken in-house by publisher Trion Worlds, it's now resurfaced as - you guessed it - a lane pushing game.

City-building strategy game Anno Online enters open beta today

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"Rome wasn't built in a day," some might sniff, but guess what? Nobody cares about Rome. I'm totally going to build PCGamerLand in a day. Maybe even before dinnertime. That's something that's very possible to do, now that Anno Online's entered its English-language open beta.

Design your Stronghold Kingdoms dream-castle with this fan-made mod

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Do you find that your fortress is too easily, and too often, breached by rodent-like enemies? Possibly even actual rodents? Or maybe it's just that the isometric view just makes it a little tough for you to get your architectural skills on. Whatever the case may be with your Stronghold Kingdoms castle, your problems can now be alleviated, thanks to this free, fan-made mod.

Age of Empires Online ending new content production as it's "no longer cost-effective"

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We haven't heard much from Gas Powered Games' Age of Empires Online since the addition of the Norse civilization back in October which added more bearded soldiers to the MMORTS and sent our intern/resident Scandinavian berserker T.J. into fits of joy. A blog entry posted today on the official website clears things up: Age of Empires Online won't receive any additional new content, except for "a small amount of content still in the pipeline."

End of Nations development picked up by Trion Worlds for "a more polished overall game"

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An indefinite open beta postponement and reported layoffs within developer Petroglyph clouded the fate of the near-vaporware MMORTS End of Nations recently, but in an official status update posted yesterday, Community Manager Lance James revealed the movement of all development efforts in-house to publisher Trion Worlds and committed a fresh focus on implementing changes and additions based on previous beta feedback.

Saga Kingdoms launches Kickstarter page, quest system details revealed for the MMORTS

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You may remember Saga, a 2008 MMORTS with collectible card game-like elements. Saga Kingdoms is the continuation of that franchise, seeking to create a MMORTS with more of a focus on co-op and quests than the pure PvP of contenders past. We have some early details on how this questing system will function.

End of Nations beta key giveaway: win access and exclusive lightning skin!

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End of Nations is a free to play RTS of epic scale. The full game will support 26-a-side warzones in which each player controls a custom army equipped with high tech unlocks and snazzy paintjobs. The final beta testing session is set to kick off on Thursday and run through until this Sunday October 9. If you fancy jumping in, we've got codes coming out of our ears.

If you get into the beta with a PC Gamer key you'll get a Lightning skin set that you'll be able to use in the beta to demonstrate your obvious superiority, and in the full game when it's released later this year.

Participating in the beta will also gift you 500 in-game credits when the game launches, so you'll be able to go on a shopping spree and buy that leopard skin tank armour you've always wanted.

End of Nations final closed beta event starts October 4

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Petroglyph's massive MMORTS End of Nations heads into its final closed beta event on October 4 to October 9, granting testers access to the recently revealed co-op mode, a new tutorial system and a sprawling 56-player map itching for explosion chains, tank swarms, and craters forming bigger craters. Signups are still available, and participants nab 500 bonus in-game credits for tossing their armies into the blender for the duration of the test.

Terra Militaris Firearms expansion trailer shows gunpowder, giant blue ogres

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There's a fair bit of wriggle room in the term "history-based", but the additions to free-to-play MMORTS Terra Militaris may just have popped some sort of reality seam, flooding the pre-industrial world with guns and monstrous house-sized pets. All for the better, I say: the new Firearms expansion not only brings a satisfactory quota of splodes, it also overhauls a good deal of the game.

End of Nations beta key giveaway

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End of Nations, the Trion Worlds MMORTS, is having a beta event this weekend, and we've got 1,500 keys to give away to lucky PC Gamer readers.

Yes, you could be engaging in 26 a side co-op battles with over a thousand units this very weekend. All you need to do is follow the steps inside.

End of Nations beta weekend starts July 20th

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You know what's brilliant? Tanks. Hundreds and hundreds of tanks. And mechs. And aircraft. All fighting at once in a massive massive battle, the bigger the better. How big are we talking? How about 52 armies controlled by 52 players playing on the same map at the same time? If that sounds like your cup of tanks, then you'll be interested in End of Nations, Trion Worlds' enormous MMORTS. You're in luck too, because it starts beta this month.

End of Nations trailer outlines beta plans, teases 56 player fights and boss battles

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League of Legends Series Two Circuit trailer goes live, $5 million at stake

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Humongous free-to-play real-time-strategy League of Legends' Series Two circuit begins soon, and Riot Games has literally just released a trailer for it.

"The Season One Championship earlier this year broke viewership records, and I'm excited to share our plans for Season Two to encourage more competitive play," Marc Merrill, Riot Games' co-founder says in the trailer.

The events are set for Europe and North America, starting with regional championships and culminating in a huge live tournament. It all sounds jolly exciting.

Age of Empires online release date announced, launch trailer launches

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Microsoft announce that Age of Empires Online will be released on August 16 this year. Age of Empires Online is an MMO real time strategy game in which you can use resources from local brawls to build up your central home city, upgrading units and progressing your civilisation through the ages.

The free to play re-emergence of the classic series is being handled by Supreme Commander and Demigod developers, Gas Powered Games. We spoke to GPG CEO Chris Taylor recently about his role on Age of Empires Online, and his enthusiasm for free to play games. For more info on the game, check out the official site.

Giveaway: Win one of 400 Dawn of Fantasy beta keys

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Dawn of Fantasy is a massively multiplayer RTS that combines city building, army management and enormous dragons. You start by throwing down your flag in one of the game's nine major territories. From here you can grow and upgrade your city, establish trade routes and construct defenses to secure your kingdom. You can also train huge armies, and launch attacks on neighbouring lands controlled by other players.

We've got 400 Dawn of Fantasy closed beta keys to give away, which will let you play the game for free until the end of the beta on Sunday May 15. Read on for your chance to win.

Age of Empires Online beta open to all

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We mentioned this in yesterday's news roundup, but it's worth another mention. Age of Empires Online is now freely available to download today and tomorrow. You can download the game now from Games For Windows Marketplace. Once it's installed, you'll be able to try out the game for free for as long as the beta lasts.

You'll find more details about the free-to-play, massively multiplayer RTS here. Supreme Commander 2 devs Gas Powered Games took over development a couple of months ago. We had a chat with Gas Powered Games boss Chris Taylor about the transition, and the new dawn for Age of Empires.

Free-to-play Age of Empires Online to feature co-op missions and upgradeable capital cities

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More information has emerged today on Age of Empire's latest reincarnation as a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online strategy game with upgradeable capital cities, player trading and co-op missions. Read on for details

MMORTS Dawn of Fantasy release date confirmed

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Reverie World Studios' MMORTS Dawn of Fantasy will be released on June 3rd. 505 Games will be publishing.

Set in the world of Mythador, players will be able to wage persistent war and make use of “living economic, trading, development and diplomacy systems”.

Free-to-play browser strategy game Terra Militaris released

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Terra Militaris is a free-to-play, browser based massively multiplayer RTS from gPotato. You build an empire by developing and upgrading your city, exploiting local resources to build larger armies. Once you're strong enough you can venture further afield and start meeting up with other players, forming alliances and waging war on your neighbours for their treasure.