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Arma 3 sells 1 million copies

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While it offers an experience altogether different from the zombie violence of its sister-title DayZ, Arma 3 also looks to have struck a chord in the hearts and minds of PC gamers since its release last year. The military sim has sold one million copies, according to an announcement this week by Bohemia Interactive head Marek Spanel.

Arma 3 brings out the guerrillas in new community guide

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Our companion to most things Arma 3 over the last year, Andrew "Dslyecxi" Gluck, is back with another patented community guide. This time, we're treated to tactics in the military sim that favor the off-beat, underdog approach of guerrilla warfare.

Arma 3 custom sound mod aims for ultra realism

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The Arma series has long been known for its often stunningly realistic visuals. But alongside all that eye candy, modders have been consistently working to sharpen Arma's soundscape as well. A new, in-progress sound mod for Arma 3—the Advanced Combat Sound Environment—continues this work and looks to achieve a dramatic level of audio immersion for the military simulation.

Arma 3 rolls out a host of changes in first post-release update

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Arma 3's first post-launch patch is live today, bringing with it a long list of improvements to the military sim's interface and game engine, according to developer Bohemia Interactive's official changelog. Among a host of tweaks in update 1.02 is a "potential" boost to optimization on the enormous Altis game map.

New Arma 3 community guide tackles infantry and vehicle teamwork

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It's a testament to Arma 3's depth as a military simulation that it gives players so many vehicle options when staging battles. But it can also be tricky to figure out the most effective way to use vehicles and infantry together, given that complexity. Thankfully Arma 3's latest official community guide has our backs.

Arma 3 leaves Early Access, gets an official launch trailer

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It took me a moment to realise that the waddling soldiers of this Arma 3 trailer had deployed in recognition of the game's "launch". Thanks to playable alpha and beta stages, news of an official release seems a bit anti-climactic. Players have even had access to v1.0's big new feature - the giant main island of Atlis - via an opt-in option to download a development build. Still, Arma 3's launch does remove a level of complication. The game is now "out", giving players easy access to all of its features.

New Arma 3 community guide zeroes in on snipers and launchers

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Dust off your ghillie suit and shoulder your missile launcher: the new Arma 3 community guide video has you in its sights. Produced by Arma community member Dslyecxi, the new guide deals exclusively with sniper tactics and launcher strategies in the Bohemia Interactive military sim.

Arma 3 map might be bigger than you ever imagined

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Arma 3 is a game with a vast landscape. Its Altis launch map is 270 square kilometers, giving players in the military sim a worthy sandbox to explore and make their own. But how does the map compare to other well-known game worlds, both big and small? Bohemia Interactive game designer Karel Mořický has assembled a handy guide to try and do just that.

Arma 3 beta trailer brings out the war machines

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Arma 3's new beta trailer is a veritable shop window of soldierly hardware—stealthy helicopters, mini subs, and fearsome sniper rifles. But it's not just a training exercise as we also get a look at how all those weapons of war might be put use in Bohemia Interactive's upcoming military sim.

Arma 2 Complete Collection gathers all post-release content into one pack

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It speaks volumes of the staying power of DayZ when it gets top billing in Bohemia's new $40 Complete Collection pack for Arma 2. It's a more extensive (and slightly more expensive) way of nabbing the required content for the zombie survival mod beyond the $25 Combined Operations, but it's also the definitive accumulation of Bohemia's best.

Developer IPKeys licenses Unreal Engine 3 for military training simulations

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IPKeys Technologies, creator of government-contracted military simulators, announced today that it has partnered with Epic to produce its next batch of tools. The use of Unreal Engine 3 should ensure that troops will be training in good looking virtual environments with excellently rendered bulging neck muscles, if IPKeys so chooses. More importantly, the engine has allowed them to include a very flexible mission editor that could open up new possibilities for PC gaming's hardcore milsim set.

Realism Theater: Watch this 100-man cooperative city raid in Arma 2

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Mil-simmer maestro Dslyecxi regularly orchestrates operations within Arma 2 as the leader of Shack Tactical, an established Arma 2 enthusiast group. He's caught our eye in the past with PVP convoy ambushes and large-scale training maneuvers. Chimney Sweep, his latest production, tops the scale of his previous stuff: a claimed 100 soldiers (two platoons' worth) bounding between the custom Cinder City map, which is filled with computer opponents using a custom headless client algorithm.

Arma 3 to release “Community Alpha,” posts new screenshots, exclusive Q&A with the devs, seriously just come read this

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Stewards of military simulation (and makers of the best emergent gameplay anywhere, if you ask me) Bohemia Interactive have outlined their plans for Arma 3 in 2012.

Bohemia wants to get early feedback on the game to assure a smooth release. That’s deeply reassuring. An Arma 3 “Community Alpha” will release sometime after E3 in June to facilitate this. Read on for more information about the alpha, mention of new features, brand new screenshots, and a Q&A with two of the devs about Arma 3 in 2012.

E3 2011: ArmA 3 trailer teases us with real-life men

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Bohemia's ArmA 3 E3 teaser trailer is live action, and doesn't seem to show any in-game footage. That's a bit of a cheat, but at least it'll get a whole platoon of you (including our very own Evan) salivating in your war-clothes. See here for extra screenshots and launch details.