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Epigenesis trailer shows the hazardous side of the Make Something Unreal winner

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Some sports are called off because of a bit of rain. Epigenesis - the Make Something Unreal winning FPS eSport from Dead Shark Triple Punch - happily survives thunder, tornadoes and giant plants encroaching across the arena's floating platforms. So we can say with some confidence that its more hardcore than cricket.

This latest trailer lets you see its many hazards in effect. Ten-yard twister trick-shot anyone?

Make Something Unreal Live winner announced

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This year's Make Something Unreal Live - Epic's annual game making contest - has announced a winner. Epigenesis was crowned king of the grueling week-long final, held at Birmingham's NEC. It's a team shooter/ball game described by Mike Gamble, contest judge and Epic's European territory manager, as a "potential eSport". That makes it likely the only eSport developed around Mendelian inheritance - the process with which hereditary characteristics are carried between generations - which was this year's contest theme.

Make Something Unreal Live: a look at the contestants as the final heat begins

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Make Something Unreal Live is Epic Games’ yearly talent competition, challenging European students to cobble together a prototype using the free Unreal Development Kit. Victorious entrants get more than a pat on the head: this year, they scoop an Unreal Engine 4 licence, among other prizes yet to be announced. Needless to say, competition is fierce. I popped along to the final heat of the competition yesterday at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre, in which four student teams are currently ensconced, scrabbling to put the finishing touches to their games before judging begins on Sunday.

Make Something Unreal finalists announced

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Epic have announced the finalists of their Make Something Unreal Live 2013 competition, culling the 12 shortlisted teams down to four potential winners. Make Something Unreal challenges student teams from across Europe to develop a game around a particular theme. This year the theme is "Mendelian Inheritance," which is the theory of how hereditary characteristics are carried between generations (thanks Wikipedia!)

Epic reveal Make Something Unreal Live competition shortlist

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Epic have announced the shortlist for their tonguetwisting Make Something Unreal Live 2013 competition, plucking 12 teams from the 21 that entered and moving them on to the second stage. If you're struggling to recall what it is exactly, Make Something Unreal Live is a contest for European game dev students that sees them pitching and developing games on a specific theme - this year's being 'Mendelian inheritance' (don't worry, we explain it below). The ultimate prize is a commercial Unreal Engine 4 license, which Epic have been bigging up for quite some time.

Make Something Unreal Live contest is live, Mendelian Inheritance is this year's theme

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The next Make Something Unreal Live competition kicks off this month. Are you a team of "six to 10 members consisting off current full-time university students?" Then you might want to consider signing up here and then submitting a pitch here before the November 2 deadline. If you're successful you'll become part of a 12 team shortlist tasked with building a game based on "Mendelian inheritance" before judgement day at the Gadget Show next April.