Air Buccaneers review

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When you score a kill in Call of Duty, you’re left with a single ragdoll and +100 XP. When you score a kill in Air Buccaneers, you’re left with a cataclysmic fireball, a crashing airship and the piercing screams of the men you’ve just sent plummeting to their ignoble deaths. I like the second one better.

Team-based Air Buccaneers is all about manning a slow, lumbering battle-balloon, but it manages to be a lot more tense, exciting and funny than that might sound. You crew your balloon in first-person, sprinting around the fuselage to fire cannons and line up shots.

Download Air Buccaneers HD pre-alpha now. Float around for free

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Tom wrote about the dubious nature of one of Air Buccaneer's pre-order bonuses yesterday. The one that lets you destroy the entire world... once.

The remake of the Unreal Tournament 2004 mod could still end up great though, despite the silliness. Ludocraft are still looking for donations via indiegogo but, for now, you can download slice of Air Buccaneers HD for free from the official site. And why wouldn't you do that? Going on the recent trailer it's got snow, smoke, airships, cannons and massive draw distances. That's a bona-fide recipe for success.

AirBuccaneers HD offers the ability to destroy the universe as a pre-order bonus

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I remember being really annoyed that Just Cause 2 gave pre-orderers a hovercraft. AirBuccaneers HD, a multiplayer hot air balloon combat game, gives them the ability to destroy the world. Pre-order it now for $15 or more, and you'll get the one-time use spell you see in the clip above: it kills everyone on the server, ends the game, and destroys the universe.

This, it could be argued, is a bit much.