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AMD's FX chips return, in mobile APU form

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If you’d been hoping for AMD to stick the new Steamroller cores into a new line of dedicated gaming CPUs you might well be sorely disappointed to find the new FX silicon is actually just another APU. When I say "just another APU," I am talking about the brand new mobile version of the Kaveri architecture.

Intel's Iris Pro integrated graphics tech hands-on: solid gaming performance on the go

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Integrated GPUs, processor GPUs, call them what you will, generally those relatively weak graphics components are ignored by PC gamers concerned with high performance, but in the world of laptops, that could be about to change. Last week saw me briefly ensconced inside Intel UK’s Swindon HQ, with a couple of Iris Pro-based laptops for company. They represent the top of Intel’s processor graphics tree and deliver practically current-gen console performance in an Ultrabook-esque form factor.

Inside the surprisingly svelte new Clevo chassis lies the 4th Gen Core i7-4750HQ, running at 2GHz, with the ability to hit 3.2GHz on power-hungry Turbo mode. The important thing though is that this chip is housing the new Iris Pro Intel graphics, so that’s the full 40 execution unit set-up with an added 128MB eDRAM.

Intel Iris Pro integrated graphics chips promise great gaming performance for notebooks

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With the launch of the 4th Generation Core architecture set to take off at the beginning of June - around the time of the Computex show in Taiwan - Intel are starting to make more noise about their upcoming processors.

The architecture, codenamed "Haswell," is primarily designed as a mobile CPU, so Intel want the new processors to deliver improved graphics performance at reduced power demand. They've made some bold claims about the effectiveness of their 4th Generation Core architecture which, could prove especially useful for notebook owners that like to play games on the move.