Indie Speed Run

The Free Webgame Round-up

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Christmas and New Year's are both over, and your browser could probably do with a workout after looking at pictures of hilarious cats/dogs all holiday season. So here are five free games you can play from the safety of your browser - read on for mendacity, memories, metamorphism, mystery and MURDER.

Tons of Indie Speed Run games available to play, for free, now

Tom Sykes at

Indie Speed Run is a rather nifty gamejam with a number of high-profile names attached. From November 26th to January 6th, developers were invited (well, after paying a $25 fee) to create a game from scratch in the indie-stry standard jam period of 48 hours. As of the 7th, the entry period is closed, which means the games are now online for us - and the judges - to play. Hooray! You'll find them on The Escapist (they organised the event), including creepy typing game Abby - Jurassic Dark and the extraordinarily named Buforella and Her Quinwa MaoMao, which I'm fairly certain isn't a euphemism for anything. Fairly.