Modern Warfare 3 PC impressions

Graham Smith at

I've been playing Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer a little bit this morning. First impression? If you sat me down in front of it and told me it was Modern Warfare 2, I wouldn't know you were lying.

There are differences. The maps are new, and tighter. From my experiences so far, there are fewer courtyards lined with sniper-filled windows. I also know that there are Perk changes, because I've read about them.

But the first time I connected to a server, I was instantly killed by a helicopter I had no hope of destroying or avoiding. The game looks visually dated. The sounds and menus are all taken directly from previous games. The similarity isn't necessarily a criticism. Modern Warfare's multiplayer has always been a hair short of brilliant. I've been having a ton of fun with it so far.

Battlefield 3 first impressions

Graham Smith at

I've been playing Battlefield 3 for the last few days. You might have noticed reviews appearing on other sites, but not here on That's because, due to issues with the game, I haven't been able to play enough of either the co-operative or multiplayer modes. I don't know if these problems will be part of the final release, or whether they're specific to the review set up, but for now we've decided to wait until we can play it more. Read on for more details on the problems we encountered, and my thoughts on the singleplayer, which I've completed.