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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut out now, available as cheap upgrade for HR owners

Tom Senior at

The Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut does seem to be a matter of pride for Eidos Montreal. Director's Cut builds are a common way to offer new players a jumping-on point long after launch, but few redesign sections of the original game to account for fan feedback. When it comes to Deus Ex: Human Revolution's boss fights, the negative feedback was loud and unanimous. They've been reworked with new level geometry to allow for multiple approaches, thank goodness.

Reinstall: System Shock 2

Cory Banks at

Reinstall invites you to join us in revisiting classics of PC gaming days gone by. This week, Cory takes a deep breath, braces himself, and journeys back into the hellish depths of the Von Braun in System Shock 2.

It’s still out there. I can hear it through the door, wandering around the hallway. I lean around the corner quickly to look, catching the back of its head as it turns the corner. “Is... someone... there?” I hear it ask, dragging a shotgun along and searching for the intruder – me. I have no ammo, and I’m out of psi-hypos. My only chance is to bludgeon it with a wrench before its friends show up. Seizing my chance, I rush out, holding the mouse button down in order to prep my wrench swing. But it sees me, shoves its shotgun out and shouts, “Kill... me!”

Eldritch combines roguelike and immersive sim in a first-person Lovecraftian adventure

Phil Savage at

As we all know, the best way to run a popular PC gaming website is to go space game, roguelike, space game, roguelike in an endlessly alternating pattern. That would make it time for some roguelike news. Perhaps one that's first-person, has some action-RPG tendencies, and a Lovecraftian inspiration. I'm sure I've got something like that in my not so little black book. Aha, here it is: Eldritch.

Deus Ex: The Fall officially teased, more info tomorrow [Update: Oh, it's for mobiles and tablets]

Phil Savage at

Here's a video whose length and content are inversely proportional to my excitement at what it's purportedly teasing. Here's what we've got: seven seconds, a few notes of ethereally bleepy soundtrack, yellow triangles, the words Deus Ex: The Fall, a date, and a voice saying "are we ready to begin?" Why yes, I rather think we are.

Deus Ex: Nihilum mod released, offering 10 hours of cyberpunk adventure

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Since the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you'd almost be forgiven for uninstalling the original Deus Ex. After all, it's been 13 years, surely you've wrung every single drop of entertainment from its old Unreal Engine. Wrong! With the "alternate continuity" mod Deus Ex: Nihilum, there's another 10 hours of cyberpunk adventuring to be had. The Lesson? Never uninstall Deus Ex.

Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC lets you atone for Daud's sins

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Bethesda have released details of the second Dishonored DLC pack, The Knife of Dunwall. Where the first add-on, Dunwall City Trials, was a hodgepodge of challenge maps and time-trials, Knife of Dunwall will return to the game's story, casting you as Daud, the jerkface assassin who killed the Empress, kicking off Corvo's career as a revenge-driven murderer/magic super-troll/meticulous accident planner.

Dishonored concept art released with comments from art director Sebastien Mitton

Tom Senior at

It's rare that you get a glance inside an art director's sketchbook, which makes the concept art that Bethesda sent over a bit of a treat. Each of the ten images comes with a few words from Dishonored art director, Sebastien Mitton, offering a bit of insight into the lengthy pre-production phase that locked down Dunwall's grimy aesthetic. There's even mention of a cut level set in an insane asylum. Let's take a look.

Dishonored trailer returns to the sewer of questions, shows city of many murders

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Dishonored is out in three weeks, which is far too many weeks. The latest developer diary reconvenes with Arkane Studios in the sewer of questions to discuss their excitement for Dishonored's impending release. The enthusiasm of Victor Antonov and Harvey Smith et al is rat-plague infectious and those dim Dunwall environments look huge and intricate. Yep, Dishonored is looking very, very nice. Check out the last developer diary for more chat or check out Tom's account of a murderous masquerade for an insight into how Dishonored's levels will play out.

Warren Spector regrets listening to Invisible War focus testers

Tom Hatfield at

There are two Deus Ex games. The original classic, and the brilliant recent sequel, Human Revolution. Sure back in 2004 there was an ill advised follow up called Deus Ex: Invisible War, but shortly after its release we all agreed that it never happened, and we would never speak of it again.

Warren Spector apparently didn't get that memo. Speaking to IGN during a preview of Epic Mickey he said he regretted listening to the feedback of focus testers when making the game.