PC market refuses to die, rises again in Q1 2012

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Market research firm IDC has released its quarterly figures for computer sales in the first part of 2012. It's surprised some pundits by claiming that far from the traditional PC era being over, worldwide shipments are up. They're even showing growth in debt-saddled, austerity shackled and market saturated Europe, of all places.

In a release accompanying the info, the firm describes buyers as 'still cautious' and possibly waiting on Windows 8, but highlights problems in the hard drive supply chain following flooding in Thailand as the most significant factor holding back purchases. Despite these problems, it says that while it was predicting just 0.9% growth worldwide the actual market expanded by 2.3%

European PC sales down nearly a third

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Market analysts at IDC released its quarterly report on the state of PC sales in Europe last night, and the results make bleak reading for manufacturers. Total shipments of PCs across the Europe, the Middle East and Africa were down by 8.9% compared to last year.

As if that wasn't bad enough, that figure was held high by lots of PCs sold in Eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East. In Western Europe shipments were down by more than a fifth overall, and by 32.2% in the consumer sector.

IDC highlighted the rather booming trade in smartphones and tablets as the cause of the decline, along with the ongoing debt crisis in Southern Europe and 'high inventory' at the start of the quarter.