Four steps to recover from MMO account hacking

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Everyone who has been hacked can tell you a nasty tale of stolen goods and naked characters. It's not an experience you'd wish on your worst enemy. Well, maybe that one guy who ganked you for hours in your favorite MMO. Yet the process of recovery doesn't have to be so frustrating and confusing. In our latest issue we walked you through four steps to help you get back in the game with a smile. Check inside for a full-sized printable page to prevent the "I've been hacked" blues.

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Minecraft, Eve Online, and League of Legends websites hacked. LulzSec claim responsibility

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Minecraft, Eve Online, League of Legends, and The Escapist are the most recent high-profile games industry targets to get hit by hackers. All three of the sites went down at some point yesterday. At the time of writing, all are back online.

LulzSec has claimed responsibility for the attacks. The hacking group started taking requests for targets via Twitter, but the exact criteria for the choices are unclear.

Codemasters' website hacked. Customer's personal details "have been compromised"

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As reported on Eurogamer earlier today, Codemaster's have sent an email to customers explaining that their suite of sites has been well and truly hacked. Last Friday seemed carefree and fun right? Chances are you were getting compromised, chum.

Codemasters have spent the time since the intrusion conducting a "thorough investigation in order to ascertain the extent and scope of the breach." Turns out the breach had a pretty wide scope. Read on for the details.

Sony Online Entertainment databases were hacked, players' credit card and bank information stolen

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Just as Sony's security troubles seemed to be drifting to the back of our minds, ready to be forgotten, SOE has released a surprisingly frank appraisal of how the security leak affected their databases. On April 16 and 17, hackers accessed their database and stole a ton of information. If you've played an SOE game, read on to see what information has been compromised, so you can take the proper steps to protect yourself.