Elder Scrolls Online vampire guild to give players a free ticket to the dark side

Patrick Carlson at

Inside the social economy of The Elder Scrolls Online, almost everything is up for sale—even vampirism. But House Annunaki, an Ebonheart Pact vampire guild in TESO, wants to turn that economy on its head by offering the precious vampire bites for free beginning May 1, according to the most recent issue of developer Zenimax Online's Tamriel Chronicle.

Legendary WoW guild quits hardcore raiding for good

Katie Williams at

There are always some constants we can rely on in WoW, even with the MMO's constant updates—max-level night elf rogues stalking poor low-leveled suckers in Horde starter zones, perpetual bargains at Stormwind's cheese shop, Exodus reigning at the top of the raiding charts... oh, wait. That last one is no more, signalling the end of an era in the hardcore raiding scene.

Play with PC Gamer: Join our guild in The Old Republic!

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PC Gamer currently has the largest guild in The Old Republic--and the game isn't even out yet! BioWare launched a guild website that allows you to create and join guilds, which will carry over to the game when it launches (no pre-order required). And we want YOU! Our prestigious guild, Coconut Monkeys, is sending out the call: join us and together we can rule the galaxy as editor and reader!