Terra Militaris Firearms expansion trailer shows gunpowder, giant blue ogres

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There's a fair bit of wriggle room in the term "history-based", but the additions to free-to-play MMORTS Terra Militaris may just have popped some sort of reality seam, flooding the pre-industrial world with guns and monstrous house-sized pets. All for the better, I say: the new Firearms expansion not only brings a satisfactory quota of splodes, it also overhauls a good deal of the game.

Allods Online New Horizons to add smugglers and mercenaries, build your own allod

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If you've never played the free to play MMO Allods Online before, you may not know that Allods are huge islands that drift through astral space, tempting adventurers ashore with promises of loot and monster slaying. At high levels, players can build their own huge astral galleons and explore the misty purple realm between worlds.

Upcoming update, New Horizons will give you the chance to sail out into the astral plane and build an island of your own. You can choose between a jungle, arctic and desert setting and erect a tower to warn off would-be looters, and then farm the resources that your allod generates to boost your gear and earn a bit of gold along the way.

Dragonica: Phoenix patch updates graphics, adds more dastardly dungeons

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Cheerful free to play MMO Dragonica has just received a big facelift courtesy of the Phoenix Update. The latest patch has sharpened up Draconica's visuals and dungeons have been beefed up with extra difficulty modes and harder bosses for returning players. An extended combo system spices up combat, reduced potion prices will please shoppers and, to celebrate, a "party buff event" is now available that rewards groups for co-operation with increased gold find, XP gain and attack speed, because everything's a little bit more frenzied with friends around.

You can check out the full feature list on the Phoenix update page on the official Dragonica site, and take a close look at those updated graphics in the trailer and screenshots below. It's free to play, so you can download the client and jump in for nothing on the Dragonica site.

Dragonica celebrates third birthday with new PvP maps

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To celebrate the third birthday of free to play action MMO Dragonica, gPotato have opened a new series of PvP maps as well as a special community area. "We haven't forgotten our promise to continuously improve the game," reads the official blog post "so this update will also include 40 bugs that have now been fixed and 5 updated quests."

The new community area allows up to 30 players to fight a new boss to earn special items. There's also a capture-the-bear mode where players have to return a cuddly ursine flag to their spawnpoint. Domination mode, meanwhile, offers more traditional control-point capture PvP.

See below for screenshots of the update.

Allods Online Astral Storm update adds new realms of astral space and mentor system

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The latest update to free to play MMO Allods Online aims to connect new players to some of Allods' most experienced adventurers. When you reach level six, you'll be slotted into a mentor queue and assigned a top level mentor. They can then show you the ropes in return for a commission on the money and loot you earn. The longer you maintain the mentor/student pact, the greater the rewards. You can opt out, if you like, but if you're looking for a guide to the floating islands of Allods Online, there are few better candidates than the experienced level 30 warriors raiding the endgame.

The Astral Storm update adds new challenges for experienced players as well. AO's endgame involves building a huge space galleon and sailing into the nebulous realms of astral space that separate each floating island. A new zone will offer new treasures that will scale depending on the number of galleons in the region, but the more players there are, the greater the chance of attack from one of Allod's colossal Astral demons. Find out more on the Allods Online site, and check out five new screenshots of the update below.

Dragonica goodie bag giveaway. Win magic beans!

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Today at PC Gamer, we're giving away magic beans! And you won't even have to trade away your cow to get them either.

We're giving away 1,000 goodie bags for side scrolling hack and slash MMO Dragonica, to celebrate the release of their expansion, New Origin. Each one is full of useful items, including the aforementioned magic beans, although these ones double your experience rather than growing a giant beanstalk full of angry giants, which is much more useful.

Check inside for details.

Allods Online to launch with new expansion

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Free-to-play MMO Allods Online will officially launch in the next few months, though the game has playable for quite a while now. Three major expansions have been released during its long open beta period, but with the addition of volume 4, the game will officially go live. Volume 4 is set to raise the level cap to 47, add new questing areas, rebalanced raids and more. There's no exact date for the launch yet, but it's coming "very soon." You'll find nine new screens of the game below.

Free-to-play browser strategy game Terra Militaris released

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Terra Militaris is a free-to-play, browser based massively multiplayer RTS from gPotato. You build an empire by developing and upgrading your city, exploiting local resources to build larger armies. Once you're strong enough you can venture further afield and start meeting up with other players, forming alliances and waging war on your neighbours for their treasure.

Runes of Magic review

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Runes of Magic, a free-to-play medieval fantasy MMO, wears its inspiration on its sleeve: its developers are obvious fans of World of WarCraft. Then, as you cautiously tinker with its all-toofamiliar systems and settings, little improvements and tweaks start to win your approval.