gods and heroes: rome rising

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising review

Jon Blyth at

Gods & Heroes is a classic MMORPG set in a mythical version of the Roman Empire, where gods aren’t just a set of rituals and statues, but real people who let you ride their horses. You’re a demigod, a powerful hero – which is just as well, as there’s a lot of very quickly respawning wildlife to kill.

Is city-building the next big craze in MMOs?

Josh Augustine at

It’s easy to feel like your choices don’t affect the world around you in an MMO. When you log out, you disappear without a trace. But if you could build a city in an MMO, it wouldn’t disappear—it’d hang around 24/7 to remind your fellow gamers that whoever built it (you) are totally cooler than they are, and that they should fear you.