GamrRank offering $1000 prize for the best Hitman video

T.J. Hafer at

Got Hitman: Absolution, video capturing capability, and the desire to be $1000 richer? You can make use of those strangely-related criteria by heading over to GamrRank, a meta-achievement/playtime tracking social media platform. The service is offering one grand to the best Hitman video involving a dead body and your name spelled on a surface with bullet holes—just like so many of my home movies. The video after the break explains the finer points.

GamrRank quantifies your awesomeness across platforms. Limited-time beta access link inside!

T.J. Hafer at

GamrRank is a new social media platform targeted at gamers that seeks to measure your all-important bragging rights across all platforms. Created by a team composed of some ex-BioWare talent including a Neverwinter Nights community developer and the Senior Marketing Director on Dragon Age: Origins and the first two Mass Effects, the service generates a score based on the games you play, how active you are in talking about those games, and how much Respect (which the devs describe as working like a Facebook "Like") you've earned from other users on the site.

The service is currently in a close beta, but for a limited time, you can sign up using this PC Gamer exclusive link and get started right away.