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Dead Island DLC delayed while devs fix bugs

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The Bloodbath Arena DLC for Dead Island has been pushed back so Techland can spend more time fixing launch bugs. The devs made the announcement on the Dead Island Facebook page, spotted by CVG, and is good news considering the impressive selection of launch day bugs. A day one patch squashed many of them, but a little more polish would go a long way.

The Bloodbath Arena DLC will add a series of four survival maps that can be played co-operatively. It was due to arrive this month. Techland are set to announce a new date shortly. If you can't wait that long, spice up Dead Island with the fan made mod that adds devastating head shots and more spectacular close combat moves. In spite of the bugs, Dead Island is fast, bloody fun. See what we thought in our Dead Island review.

Dead Island DLC to add co-op survival mode

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If the launch of the upcoming Dead Island DLC is as controversial as this week's release madness then we'll have to break out the extra-strong tea to cope. The Bloodbath Arena pack will add four new survival maps that will let players fight unlimited waves of zombies in order to survive for as long as possible. With no limit to the enemies, you'll never actually survive the survival maps, but "inevitable death maps" sounds a lot less inviting. Slay zombies! Earn points! Stave off your inevitable demise! The DLC will be released later this month. No price has been announced, but special edition purchasers will get it for free.

Techland responds to "Feminist Whore" skill in early Dead Island code

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Fresh issues have appeared in Dead Island's problematic launch, which has already been marred by the fact that Techland apparently distributed an incomplete, buggy version of their game through Steam. Now Duncan Harris points us to a post on the Steam forums where a Aleksei Vasiliev spotted that the mistakenly released code contained a skill called 'Feminist Whore'.

Dead Island trailer celebrates launch next week

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Dead Island is out next Tuesday in the US, and Friday across the rest of the world. In case you've forgotten what's in it, Techland have released a new video showing zombies, blood, more zombies, machinegun fire, explosions and MORE BLOOD. Dead Island promises an open island, explorable in four player co-op. Check out our Dead Island preview for a better idea of what to expect. One thing's for sure. There will be blood.