MolyJam, other game jam events come to the forefront

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Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase beta event announced

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The release of Guild Wars 2 creeps closer as each minute ticks by. To help with the wait (or torture us more) ArenaNet has announced the upcoming pre-purchase beta event, which will open their servers for everyone who has pre-purchased the game. The beta event will be held from April 27th-29th, giving you three days to determine your favorite method of death for legions of centaurs. I recommend you give the Elementalist's fire attunement or a giant-sword-wielding Warrior a try. Unfortunately, the only way to get guaranteed access to the event is by pre-purchasing the game.

Eligible players should keep an eye out for an email from NCsoft with additional information about how to download the client and any steps needed for registration. You'll find the full details on what content will be available and the exact start and end times of the event on ArenaNet's blog soon.

If you're interested in pre-purchasing a copy, take a look at our summary of the options or visit the official site's store page.

QuakeCon 2012 dates and location announced

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Do you have a penchant for all things related to 1996 computer game Quake and its numerous sequels and spin-offs? Do you own a computer that’s reasonably portable, and have an interest in LAN gaming? Are you free on 2-5 August 2012? Do you live in or around Dallas, Texas, or have the ability to get there for said dates? Do you want to get exclusive news and hands-on experiences with upcoming games from the likes of Bethesda and id? Do you enjoy being brainwashed by corporate sponsorship from 22 different companies? Do you? DO YOU?

If so, there is absolutely no event suitable for you occurring in the next year. Apart, maybe, from , which is taking place at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas on 2-5 August 2012. It’s free and run by volunteers, and in 2010 it attracted some 8,500 people. You might even rub shoulders some of the incredibly famous and good-looking people from PC Gamer there.

Editorial: What went wrong with Rift's River of Souls event, and how to solve it

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“Ambition is important,” said Rift’s Executive Producer, Scott Hartsman, in a post on the game’s forum after last week's live event. “It's what keeps us improving day to day, week to week, month to month. But, it's equally important to know when you walked too close to the edge and got cut.”

That's not what players hoped they would hear after the conclusion of River of Souls—Rift’s first live world event that took place over the past two weeks. What was promoted as a massive, epic war that would make the “vicious invasions you see every day look like a lazy Sunday in the park,” turned out to be something of a disaster that left the devs publicly apologizing and offering free rewards to anyone with an active account. So what went wrong?

Giveaway-- Play with PCG Global Agenda

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Are you ready for Wednesday Night's Global Agenda Event? This is your less-than-24-hours reminder. As mentioned earlier, PC Gamer will be having an event in-game trying our hands on Oasis Checkpoint of Doom. We can't wait to blast some spooky ghouls with you in our finely crafted PC Gamer brand power suits, and hope you'll join us in-game tomorrow!

The details:

Wednesday, October 27, at 4PM PST
Players must be level 30 to be able to join in the raid.
Raids will occur every 30 minutes

Make up a battle cry that PC Gamer should use in tonight's raid and post in the comments below. Battle cry should be family friendly and non-offensive. The first fifteen entries with a valid battle cry will win a copy of Global Agenda.

This contest is open to everyone.

Play with PC Gamer - Global Agenda Halloween event

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Come play dress-up with the PC Gamer US editors in Global Agenda on Wednesday, October 27, at 4PM PST and be one of the first to run through the new Halloween themed mission, Oasis Checkpoint of Doom.

Oasis Checkpoint is a Defense Raid mission where 10 players defend a facility from waves of NPC attackers. It's decorated with “tricks” and “treats” for the holiday event, lasting from October 27 through October 31. Learn more about Raid Defense in this developer video blog.

Players must be level 30 to be able to join in the raid.