Eve Fanfest 2013

EVE Online TV series and Dark Horse comic to be based on players' true stories

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After a decade of space simulation, EVE Online's giant server has seen some dramatic shenanigans. Players have committed murder, espionage, treason, theft, and fraud, and fleet after fleet of internet spaceships have been spectacularly blown to bits in massive wars. EVE's story is written by player actions, and is now literally being written by players on EVE's True Stories submission site, which CCP announced today will be used for a Dark Horse comic book and eventual TV series to be directed by Icelandic filmmaker Baltasar Kormákur.

Eve Fanfest 2013: World of Darkness video shows hunting, parties and parkour - "you can't make your vampire sparkle"

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CCP's vampire MMO World of Darkness has been hiding from the light for the last twelve months, but behind the scenes a gear has shifted. The 70 strong team that formerly split its time between World of Darkness, Eve and Dust are now pursuing World of Darkness full-time.

It's nowhere near finished, however. Today's World of Darkness presentation at the Eve Fanfest in Reykjavik focused closely on the level design tools and shaders that CCP are using to build their next big sandbox MMO, but they did show a video. Built from World of Darkness assets, the "target footage" was designed by CCP artists to illustrate what life as an urban vampire will hopefully look and feel like in the finished game. Filming was strictly prohibited, the session wasn't part of the Fanfest livestream and CCP aren't likely to show it publicly any time soon, so instead I will use words to try and paint pictures in your head. I will also use actual pictures drawn with my hands. Here's what happened.

CCP's vision for EVE Online includes mass space colonization, buildable stargates

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Those who haven't played EVE probably wouldn't give scanning probe placement presets the same raucous applause as the crowd at today's Fanfest 2013 EVE Keynote, so I'll leave the details of EVE's Odyssey expansion to the dev blog in favor of something anyone can appreciate: the big, speculative vision for EVE's future. Internet spaceships have never been more exciting.

Eve Fanfest 2013: Hands-on with CCP's experimental Eve Oculus Rift dogfighting game

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CCP have made an experimental 6v6 Eve dogfighting game in Unity for the Oculus Rift. I had the chance to play it at Eve Fanfest in Reykjavik and I'm quite eager to tell you about it, because it's basically the game I've wanted to play since the age of six when I decided that I wanted to be a space pilot.

It was created in less than seven weeks by a team of CCP staff utilising "20% time" - CCP's catchphrase for time they give their devs to work on projects of their choice. Each player sits in one of Eve's fighters and blasts the others to space dust in a warzone stationed around one of Eve's mighty carriers.