Ember Isle

Rift trailer shows off new Instant Action feature

Tom Senior at

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Rift's new Instant Action feature lets high level players form a group and embark on dynamically generated quests. Each task will scale in difficulty depending on the size and strength of the group. Form one large enough and you'll be staving off hordes of enemies and wading through oceans of shiny new loot. It's an interesting way to use the tech behind Rift's dynamically generated portal invasions, and is just the latest in a huge rush of new monsters and zones that the devs have recently added.

Rift patch 1.6 introduces new Ember Isle zone

Gavin Townsley at

There's no such thing as too much content in your favorite MMO. Rift just turned eight months old and the people at Trion Worlds have been pumping out more post-launch content than other MMOs produce in years, and aren't showing any signs of slowing. Their next major patch (1.6) will include the gigantic mass of land known as Ember Isle. Rift's Design Producer, Hal Hanlin, walked us through the zone to get a view of some of the new stuff coming to Rift fans mid November.