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Roundabout: a crazier Crazy Taxi driven by the world's first "revolving chauffeur"

Tom Sykes at

Well, Roundabout wins this year's coveted Best Trailer award, something I invented around six seconds ago for this very occasion. It's a top-down action driving game set in 1977, a time period captured perfectly by the video's silkily smooth narration and clips taken from the very grey 70s itself. The bloody, ridiculous Roundabout is anything but grey, however, seeing how it revolves around a limo and one Georgio Manos, the world's "revolving chauffeur."

Euro Truck Simulator 2 gets even more gritty 'n' real with the Oculus Rift

Katie Williams at

My most favorite of sims just got even more realistic! We're not talking about toytown SimCity or ArmA 3's eagle-eye tactical simulation here, oh no. We're talking about the most mundane of what life has to offer times a hundred, thanks to the ultra-clarity of an Oculus Rift headset. We're talking about something that's human, dramatic, believable. You guessed it — we're talking about Euro Truck Simulator 2!

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed trailer drives, floats and flies onto the internet

Henry Winchester at

Annual Desert Bus charity drive is underway

Tom Senior at

Desert Bus is a rubbish game about driving a bus from Arizona to Las Vegas. You have to drive in real time, and your speed is limited to 45 miles per hour. It takes eight hours to complete the trip. The game can't be paused and you can't just tape down a key because the bus cruelly veers slightly to the right the whole time. As part of the annual Desert Bus for Hope event, a team of gamers have challenged themselves to play the game in 24 hour shifts for charity.