PC Gamer US Podcast #343 - Bear-On-Werebear Violence

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The Witcher 3! Dragonborn! A Half-Life movie? This and other topics get tackled this week by Evan, Tyler, and T.J., who returns from Iceland to tell us about the games he saw at Paradox Interactive's annual event. We also touch on the merits of Linux gaming and SSDs.

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Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC is finally out on Steam

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63 days after its original console release, Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC has finally appeared on Steam. With luck, you've been able to avoid too many spoilers from your thumbstick-using friends.

For those of you just joining us, the $20/£14 add-on reintroduces Solstheim (the island setting for the Morrowind expansion, Bloodmoon), and adds rideable dragons, a new Daedric realm, and a new main antagonist to contend with.

Skyrim Dragonborn lands on February 5th, there's just enough time to buy a dragon saddle

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I'd almost forgotten about Dragonborn, Skyrim's most recent piece of DLC that lets you ride dragons and return to Morrowind's wintry satellite Solstheim. That's what annoying Xbox-exclusivity periods will get you. However, with the Bethesblog's exciting news that Dragonborn is set to 'touch down' (that's 'touch down' like a flying dragon) at the start of February, I have suddenly remembered that it's a thing. Dragonborn will appear on Steam February 5th, then, giving you just enough time to order a seat from your local saddle fitter. (Just be sure to specify that it's for an animal slightly larger than a horse.)

Skyrim: Dragonborn trailer enemies and locations broken down by YouTube loremaster

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If, like me, you're the kind of person that likes to cross-reference every bit of minutia in promotional materials for upcoming installments of your favorite game franchises, this Skyrim: Dragonborn trailer analysis might be relevant to your interests. YouTuber samyoulonline drops some Tamrielic science, presenting some pretty believable theories about what locations, antagonists, and items might be involved in the next installment of Bethesda's Nordic fantasy epic.

Fallout 3 guy sneaks into new Skyrim Dragonborn screenshots

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In an effort to recapture the limelight a soldier from Fallout 3 has invaded the upcoming Dragonborn expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Desperate to relive the glory days of 2008, when Fallout 3 was quite popular, the Brotherhood of Steel member tunnelled his way into Tamriel. His plan to set up a shop in Whiterun before Skyrim's release where thwarted by a poor sense of direction and an inability to see anything through his helmet's ridiculously tiny eye slit. "It was the worst thing that's ever happened apart from the thing with the giant robot," he said. "And no, I don't want to talk about it."

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC trailer: dragon mounts, goblins on pigs and puking horrors

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Skyrim's new Dragonborn DLC has winged its way onto our YouTube channel, bringing a horde of new creatures to shout at, set on fire and stab. Well, I say "new" - some are old Oblivion favourites - like goblins, which now hurtle into the battle on the back of boars. There's also something horrible which appears to vomit oil, and a thing that looks like an evil floating artichoke. Cool. But best, and most inevitably, of all: you can ride dragons! All of this in the aid of thwarting some ancient evil, who, it's implied, is one of your Dovahkiin predecessors.

As with previous DLC, the only date announced is for the release on Xbox - December 4 - but we can probably expect it to arrive on PC shortly thereafter, just as Hearthfire did. Hit the jump for the full video.

New Skyrim content teased by Bethesda; trailer coming tomorrow

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Bethesda appear primed to announce more Skyrim DLC, after a tweet (spotted by IGN) was posted on the company's Twitter page. Along with an image of someone wearing a particularly Skyrimian helmet, they released the following missive: "Milk, sugar, tea-" no, wait, that's my shopping list. It said "Full trailer on 11/5". Which is the American way of saying 'Bonfire night'.

Bethesda to release Skyrim modding tools and patch 1.4 fixes as early as next week

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The updates and improvements to Bethesda's already amazing Skyrim just keep coming. The latest additions: The Creation Kit and Steam Workshop (to be bundled in patch 1.4), and they're almost ready to be unleashed, amidst a plethora of other game-related fixes. More details within!