Valve on how Team Fortress 2 inspired Greenlight: "We hardly make anything anymore"

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Steam Greenlight was announced last night, detailing a project that will give PC gamers the power to dictate what ends up on Valve's massively successful digital distribution platform. Just over 12 hours later, Valve business development director, Jason Holtman took to the stage at Develop to talk about the roots of the idea. It all started with Team Fortress 2.

Holtman acknowledged that TF2 is "a hat manufacturing game. And that's awesome," but the systems surrounding the hat economy, and Valve's internal development attitudes all contributed to the inception of Steam Greenlight, a practical demonstration of Valve's motto: "anyone can ship anything."

Tim Schafer held game jam to save company

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Tim Schafer's company Double Fine have only made two games, Psychonauts and Brutal Legend, but they've had four publishers. Both were cancelled once before finding a new home. At Schafer’s Develop conference keynote, he explained how his company turned their turbulent game development process into a new beginning for the company.

The future isn't on console, says Dr Bioware

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Bioware's co-founder, Dr. Greg Zeschuk, dropped this somewhat incendiary quote during his keynote at Develop: "The future isn't necessarily on console. That's the past."

One copy of Bejewelled sold every four seconds

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I knew sitting in on the Pop Cap talk at the Develop conference was a good idea. Pop Cap’s Dave Bishop just dropped some amazing Pop Cap fact bombs.

Developers who ignore FarmVille face “disaster”

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Games will need to be “discoverable, direct, shareable, and free”, according to Louis Castle, former founder of Westwood and current CEO of Instant Action.