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PC Gamer US Podcast #324 - Psychological Profiling

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An elite special ops team composed of Logan, Evan, Tyler, and T.J. infiltrate the hottest topics in PC gaming. With TOR adding free-to-play and WoW reporting a loss of 1.1 million subscribers, is the subscription MMO soon to be a thing of the past? We've also got Day Z storyime... from Logan! Tyler fawns over virtual reality, and we analyze your terrifying, twisted minds based entirely on what games you've been playing this week.

PC Gamer US Podcast 324: Psychological Profiling

PC Gamer US Podcast #322 - Feline Mothership

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Listen in on our comms this week as we discuss Fortnite, Sins of A Solar Empire: Rebellion, The War Z. Is copying the mechanics of a certain Arma 2 mod lazy, or is it simply the beginning of a new genre? We've also got some hands-on details for PlanetSide 2 and answer listener questions. What is one to do when you dump coffee on your keyboard? The answer may surprise you.

All this, what we've been playing, DayZ storytime, and more. PC Gamer US Podcast 322: Feline Mothership

PC Gamer US Podcast #320 – Bananas and Bananas

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This week, Tyler and Evan share a detailed verdict on Max Payne 3, look forward to Guild Wars 2, reflect on T.J.'s Celtic adventures in Civ 5: Gods 'n Kings, report on the state of the Diablo III real money auction house, and think about what we'd do to improve modern MMO design. We end with another episode of Day Z Storytime from Evan.

PC Gamer US Podcast 320: Bananas and Bananas