Mad Catz launches STRIKE7 keyboard

Adam Oxford at

Purveyors of positively potty peripherals, MadCatz, have finally got around to designing a keyboard which will go along with the uniquely bonkers look of their RAT mice. Just like the mice, the STRIKE7 keyboard is highly customisable, with a modular construction that lets you split bits off and put them where you want them.

If you want, you can split it in half to remove the number pad and program nine different macro keys on the fly. The most interesting thing, however, is the detachable touchscreen: a tiny colour LCD which displays system data, a list of current macro commands and details from third party applications like TeamSpeak.

This week's winners

Tom Hatfield at

That's all she wrote ladies and gentlemen, the fat lady has sung. I'm closing the curtain on two weeks of massive giveaways and declaring the winners of all four of our currently running competitions.

So if you entered into the competitions for the Cyborg Rat, the Steelseries keyboards, Battlefield 3 or the Might and Magic figure, check inside to see if you've been successful.

EU Giveaway: Win Battlefield 3 and a set of Cyborg gaming lights

Tom Hatfield at

Look sharp soldier! We've got a bundle of Battlefield goodies to give away! Yes the folks at EA have provided us with a copy of Battlefield 3, a set of Cyborg gaming lights and a copy of the Battlefield 3 novel, all for one lucky winner.

Check inside for details of how to enter.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution documentary meets the cyborgs who live amongst us right now

Richard Cobbett at

"I wanted to find out how far off we are now from Adam Jensen's prosthetic technology," announces the narrator of this Deus Ex: Human Revolution documentary. Sadly, he doesn't find a superhero capable of jumping off skyscrapers without even bruising his ankles, but that's not to say there aren't cool augmentations out there right now that are almost as useful as the Typhoon...

In related, but slightly less impressive news, Square-Enix has apparently joined forces with a Cornish cafe called Loading to create a Deus Ex themed cocktail called Deus Ex On The Beach. That is a pathetic pun, and I'm sure we can do better. Jensangria? Tong and Tequila? Harvey Wallpuncher? And of course, the "I Never Asked For This" cocktail, a delicious blend of chilli, creme du menthe and stale biscuits, lovingly augmented with the bartender's very own slobber. Mmm. Cyber.

As for the game itself, it's finally out everywhere now. Check out our review to see why you want it.

amBX back in the limelight (and the red light, blue light, yellow light... etc)

Adam Oxford at

Remember amBX? That was the Philips subsidiary that wanted to take PC games beyond the computer screen with flashing lights, rumbling wrist rests and even a pair of small fans to simulate the thrill of being in the open air without leaving your desktop? Well, it's back with a new set of experience enhancing peripherals, the Cyborg amBX Gaming Lights.