Show us your desk

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In the UK edition of PC Gamer we used to run a regular feature called Readers' Desks. In it, we would print our favourite picture of one of your desks and gently mock it for everyone's entertainment. We'd quite like to do that again. Especially Tim. He loves looking at readers' desks.

The next part is down to you. Send us a link with a picture of your desk. You can post it here in the comments, on our Facebook page, our Google+ account, or you can tweet one at our Twitter account. Our three favourites will be featured in a post next week on We'll raid our cupboard full of random gaming objects and send the owner of each featured desk a prize that we think will best suit them based on extensive psychoanalysis* of their gaming space.

This one's open to both UK and US residents, and French residents, and Vietnamese residents and anyone, really. We don't care, JUST SHOW US YOUR DESK. To get the ball rolling, we've taken a picture of Owen's desk for you to analyse first. Here it is.

EU giveaway: win a Might and Magic Heroes figure

Tom Hatfield at

A massive parcel arrived at PC game HQ recently. What could it contain? Why only a glorious angel man figure from Might and Magic Heroes VI! (It's the one on the left) This lovingly modelled figurine of the Archangel Micheal will make the perfect nerdy centrepiece for your mantle. You can see a little bit more about it on the Might and Magic Heroes VI website.

Would you like to win this magnificent statue readers? Check inside for details of how to win.

EU giveaway: Win a Cyborg Rat and a ton of Vindictus cash

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It's competition time again! This week the folks at Nexon have teamed up with Cyborg Gaming are celebrating the official launch of Vindictus Europe by giving away a top of the line gaming mouse, some gaming lights and a bundle of in game cash.

Check inside for full details of how to enter and a peek at the goodies.

EU Giveaway: Win Red Orchestra 2! Become a hero of Stalingrad!

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Listen up soldiers! We've got ten copies of Tripwire's Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad to give away, da? Ten of our European readers will be chosen by our glorious leaders to defend mother Russia against the Nazi threat.

Are you up to it comrade? Then find out how to enter inside.

Paradox Interactive EU giveaway, Win Magicka, King Arthur or Sword of the Stars

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Free games! Everyone loves free games right? Well we've giving some away! We've got a big stack of Steam codes for Paradox Interactive games sitting here, and we thought we'd share them with you.

Details on how to enter are inside.

Witcher 2 GoG EU Giveaway

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Remember that time we gave away a Witcher 2: Assassin's of Kings collectors edition? That was good wasn't it? Well now we're giving away three, courtesy of the guys at Good Old Games. We spoil you guys.

The set contains a making of DVD, and artbook a world map, some dice, some playing cards, a rule book, a 'cursed coin', some papercraft figures, an in game jacket and a bust of Geralt, which is slightly less pale than the real thing.

Details of how to enter are inside.