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We built the Large Pixel Collider Jr., an insane gaming PC for the living room

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We love building PCs. Last year, we set out to assemble the most irresponsible gaming rig imaginable, and we called it the Large Pixel Collider. Over the past nine months, we’ve spent a ton of time writing stories, making videos, and playing around with our absurd, $10,000 computer.

But as Valve’s incursion into the living room started taking shape this year, we wondered: what if we could build an equally ridiculous but smaller PC suited for playing games on a couch?

Buy our MechWarrior Online issue, get a free mech skin and Coconut Monkey bobblehead

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We cannot clothe you directly (at best, bending our magazine into a tube produces a low-level telescope), but we can dress your enormous war robot. This month, anyone who picks up the MechWarrior Online issue of PC Gamer in North America will receive two free MWO items and instant access to MWO's closed beta. You'll receive a skin you can apply to any mech in your hangar: think of it as one of those adorable puppy sweaters, but meant to inspire terror in your multi-tonned opponents. We’re also putting the elusive longtime mascot of PC Gamer, Coconut Monkey, in your darn cockpit as an exclusive in-game bobblehead. You’re welcome.

Issue #233, also known as our December issue, is mailing now to North American subscribers. It will be available on newsstands and digital newsstands by October 9, 2012.

PC Gamer wants YOU for the Coconut Monkey army! [HoN, BLC]

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All your life, you've known that you were born to be a leader. But you never yet got the chance to rise up and guide your fellow gamers, forming alliances with bonds stronger than blood. That is, until today. PC Gamer wants you to enlist in the Coconut Monkey army, becoming the leader you were destined to be. If you consider yourself a dedicated, amicable general in Heroes of Newerth or Bloodline Champions, it's time to answer the call.

Play with PC Gamer: Join our guild in The Old Republic!

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PC Gamer currently has the largest guild in The Old Republic--and the game isn't even out yet! BioWare launched a guild website that allows you to create and join guilds, which will carry over to the game when it launches (no pre-order required). And we want YOU! Our prestigious guild, Coconut Monkeys, is sending out the call: join us and together we can rule the galaxy as editor and reader!