Sandbox farm sim Mirthwood will let you bring your pets into battle with you

Mirthwood - a split screen of two different players, one at night in a cloak on a black horse and the other during the day riding a unicorn in autumn
(Image credit: Bad Ridge Games)

It's very common for farm sims to cite Stardew Valley as inspiration, which Mirthwood definitely does, but it's less common to see them name drop Fable, The Sims, and RimWorld. This upcoming sandbox-y farm sim RPG is definitely trying to tick a lot of boxes to give us farmlife sim lovers as much freedom as possible, and its new trailer shows off more farm customization, processing goods, and the demands of the winter season. 

The new trailer rehashes some of the things we learned about Mirthwood last year, like its simulation-focused world where villagers go about their own daily schedules, weather and disasters that are likely to strike, and its socialization system where you can gain and lose favor with neighbors through different actions. What the trailer expands upon is the number of refining stations you'll have access to, buying livestock from markets, and paying local townsfolk to work on your property.

One of the biggest bits from the new trailer is the gridless decorating mode, which it shows off through interior decor and also by drawing stone pathways onto the ground in a free edit mode. The other biggie is the winter season, which you'll need to be prepared for or else face butchering your animals for food. 

But the thing I'm personally most interested in is a feature not mentioned in the trailer or in its latest blog post about farming in Mirthwood. Tucked away in the press release for the trailer is mention of a "companionship" system, not just for other human characters, but also for your animals. 

"Pets that aren’t just for show; they travel with players, assisting in battles and adventures, and can even engage in falconry, adding a unique layer of strategy and bonding," Bad Ridge Games says. We already knew there would be plenty of combat outside the village limits in Mirthwood, but bringing my four legged friends along as battle companions sounds great.

Mirthwood has been doing occasional development blog posts about features over the past year as it looks forward to launch. Though it doesn't have a set release date yet, it's expected sometime in the second half of 2024.

Lauren Morton
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