There's a Manor Lords VR mod already, which is so impressive even the game's solo dev is crying witchcraft: 'I have no idea how it's done, but I'm impressed it works'

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Manor Lords has barely been out a couple of weeks, and some players are already finding ways to surprise the dev with crafty new features for the medieval city builder and management game. 

One such new feature is from Flat2VR, a community of devs and modders who put all their focus into porting their favourite games into full 6DOF VR. And you guessed it, the latest game they managed to port to VR is Manor Lords. 

The community's Twitter account announced the achievement, saying: "Seven years in development, Manor Lords was the most wish-listed Steam game & released in EA this past week. It has the highest concurrent user counts ever on a city builder. Thankfully, it works perfectly in 6DOF VR with Praydog's UEVR!" They also confirm that the mod uses M&K, but with Demeo or Little Cities-like motion controls to help players navigate their budding villages and towns. 

The short video attached alongside the announcement also shows how this VR mod allows you to do pretty much everything you'd normally do in Manor Lords, including building roads, managing resources, and walking around the streets as the Lord you've chosen to embody. 

It's so impressive that even the dev of Manor Lords, Greg "Slavic Magic" Styczeń, took notice. "Wow, I have no idea how it's done, but I'm impressed it works," Styczeń tweeted. And he wasn't the only one who remarked on how good this mod looks. Tons of people praised Flat2VR for its cool and seemingly fluid VR rendition. "I'm guessing the insane LoD system they appear to have, considering the zoom-in possible, helps with rendering the environment all the way to the horizon without the PC melting," one player says, "Very impressive indeed!"

Some did bring up the fact that it would be cool to have this mod go as far as to let you actually walk in the shoes of your Lord. For now, the mod copies the PC game's third-person view.

While I don't want to get too greedy (especially considering how cool this VR mod is) it would be so cool to get to see the world you've helped create in the same way that the people that inhabit it do, though I'd probably just spend all my time looking at sheep, oxen, and horses.

For the time being, I'm happy to just continue growing my medieval village, experiencing all the weird and wonderful storylines that emerge from doing so, fighting off any bandits who try to get in my way.

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