Democracy 3 Extremism expansion pack lets you go mad with power

Tom Senior at

Why aren't there more games about politics? The Extremism pack for governing sim Democracy 3 gives you a selection of 33 extra policies to level against disgruntled portions of society. People protesting about high divorce rates? Ban divorce. Too much pollution? Ban airports. Don't like Marmite? You know what to do. The ban-hammer of the elected representative is mighty indeed.

Black Ops II and Gratuitous Space Battles can be played for free this weekend

Phil Savage at

Maybe you'd like to play some games this weekend? Maybe you'd like them to be completely free? Maybe you'd also like them to be games you don't own; games that will stop letting you play them on Sunday unless you pay a reduced price to secure their continued use? That's a bizarre set of conditions, but whatever, Steam's got you covered. Both Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Gratuitous Space Battles are holding Free Weekend trials, giving you unpaid access to two completely different ends of the gaming spectrum.

Gratuitous Tank Battles review

Tom Hatfield at

Gratuitous Tank Battles is the result of experimentation with the tower defence genre, yielding a strategy game where you attack as much as entrench. Experimentation with units means players can make their own machines and turn them on their foes. And experimentation with AI means the computer can use your creations against you in an endless arms race of tanks, mechs and laser-toting Tommies.

Gratuitous Tanks Battles gets gratuitous demo

Tom Senior at

Gratuitous Tank Battles now has a demo! Blue's News noticed the appearance of the 'demo' icon on the Gratuitous Tank Battles site. Clicking on that will start the 71 MB download and give you a chance to play a few missions, design a few units, and get hooked on GTB's moreish blend of tower defence and carefully planned lane assaults. You can select an option that will let the AI steal your unit designs and use them against you, essentially letting you create your very own baby version of Skynet. D'awww.