Oculus Rift suspends sales to China because of "extreme reselling"

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The Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 started shipping this week, but the company has been forced to suspend orders from China because of "extreme reseller purchases." It's now looking into alternative methods for getting the hardware into the hands of legitimate developers, but says it doesn't have a timeline for when that might happen.

Dota 2 China launch is "mandatory if we want DOTA to succeed" say Valve

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Enthusiasm for Dota 2 is steadily growing as more and more participants are invited into the beta. Dota 2 regularly features on Steam's most played list, but those numbers are nothing compared to the number of Dota fans worldwide. One of the biggest international markets is China. Tim spoke to Doug Lombardi recently about Valve's plans to bring Dota 2 to Chinese audiences.

"You’ve got to address that market, it’s the biggest DOTA population in the world, right?" he said. The problem is that Valve can't release Steam in China. Publishers need make distribution deals with Chinese companies to gain access to that vast player base. Valve have previously teamed up with Nexon to release Counter-Strike Online in Asia. Now they're looking to forge a similar deal for Dota 2.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm hitting China next month

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WoW: Cataclysm is due to launch in China on July 12. Netease will be responsible for the launch.

Other regions have been enjoying the most recent expansion for the past seven months, but Blizzard have only just got around to preparing the content for China-based players. We doubt they're complaining though - Wrath of the Lich King took almost two years to appear in their territory.

Blizzard co-founder, Mike Morhaime is predictably happy about the announcement, saying: “We’ve always appreciated Chinese gamers’ passion and support for World of Warcraft, and we’re excited that they’ll soon be able to enjoy all of the great new content this expansion has to offer.”

WoW patch 4.2 is due to launch soon. See the first footage of it here and read the extensive patch notes here.

StarCraft II around the globe - now with black blood!

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Next week those of us living in the United States and the United Kingdom will finally get our hands on the retail version of StarCraft II. Included in this version will be cigars, blood and the occasional curse word, but folks from other countries won't be getting that same, authentic experience.