Championship Manager

Football Manager: the diary of a descent into madness

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Too busy scouring the Eredivisie for promising young wingers to notice that your other half has walked out on you? Football writer, and co-author of Football Manager Stole My Life, Iain Macintosh charts a typical journey into the dark side of FM micromanagement.

Football Manager developer speaks out on Eidos split

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It's one of the great breakups in gaming. Up there with John Romero leaving id software, or West and Zampella walking out on Activision. The story of how the developers behind Championship Manager, one of the most profitable and successful game series of all time, left their publisher Eidos, and abandoned the franchise they'd spent years building to start again with Sega and Football Manager.

Until now, everyone involved was legally unable to talk about what happened, but yesterday Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson and Eidos' Ian Livingstone finally spoke about what happened nine years ago.

No new Championship Manager planned for PC

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The Championship Manager games are "on hold" as far as PC gamers are concerned. Beautiful Game Studios' general manager Roy Meredith said he "really, really couldn't say" when the franchise would return to PC.