Battlefield 4 campaign to be less linear, says DICE

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It's no secret that Battlefield 3's single-player was, well, less than stellar. The campaign was handy for making trailers, but ended up being a hyper-scripted Michael Bay movie that no one wanted to see. DICE General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson knows the campaign didn't stack up in Battlefield 3 and wants to fix that in the sequel.

Shadowrun Returns announces June release date, details for backers

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Not only did Harebrained Schemes crush its $400,000 Shadowrun ReturnsKickstarter campaign goal, raising over $1.8 million dollars as of last count, it has also released a torrent of new information for backers and interested players alike.

Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter campaign successful, over $410,000 raised so far

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In the words of Hannibal from The A-Team: "I love it when a plan comes together." Larian StudiosKickstarter for Divinity: Original Sin has crossed the $400,000 threshold with 16 days remaining. The company's upcoming fantasy role-playing game which will feature single and co-op gameplay for up to four players.