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Epic's new game Fortnite looks like Team Fortress 2, is inspired by Minecraft

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Epic announced a new game over the weekend called Fortnite. It'll have a Team Fortress 2-esque art style and, according to Epic, is directly inspired by Notch's indie block builder, Minecraft.

Fortnite appears to revolve around building forts to hold off waves of creatures that attack during the night, or rather 'nite'. Whether the action takes place over two weeks is yet to be seen, but it looks as though there will be some creative building involved. In a tweet spotted by Eurogamer, Lead Designer Lee Perry says: "Minecraft was an inspiration for sure."

Minecraft adventure update leaked early

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Pre-release code for the hotly anticipated Minecraft adventure update was leaked over the weekend. The code was initially distributed to trusted users for testing, but was then opened up to everyone, with Joystiq are reporting that Mojang developer Jens 'Jeb' Bergensten was in fact behind the 'leak'.
Notch gave people his blessing to try it out, but asked that they report any bugs they found.

You can find details of how to download the pre-release version on the Minecraft Forums. Jeb reports on twitter that the release version of 1.8 will be available once he's fixed the bugs reported so far.

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Minecraft updated, "sheep and cows look like sheep and cows now"

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For some games, patch notes read more like beat poetry than a list of code tweaks. Minecraft is one of those games. The latest update for Minecraft includes such gems as "zombie pigs eventually forgives" and "lava flows further in the Nether". Read on for the full list of changes.