BlizzCon 2010

Interview: Chris Sigaty talks Starcraft 2 pro strategy

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The two-day tornado of Blizzcon has passed. Between feverish blasts of Diablo III and trying not to stare too hard at the Blood Elf cosplay maidens, we got the chance to chat with the delightful Chris Sigaty, StarCraft II’s Producer, about game theory, why the Zerg need a bit of love, and the difference between amateur and professional StarCrafters’ brains. It was most enlightening.

Diablo 3 trailer and footage shows Demon Hunter in action

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Blizzard unveiled the final class for Diablo 3, the Demon Hunter at Blizzcon. They announced her arrival with a kick ass trailer and 20 minutes of brutal in-game footage. All of these videos can be found below, along with more information about Diablo 3's shootiest class.

WoW: Cataclysm will be taking pre-orders soon

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Blizzard have announced that pre-orders will soon be available for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, letting you download the game ahead of its release on December 7th.

Speaking at Blizzcon, Blizzard's President, Michael Morhaime announced that "For the first time, you will be able to pre-order the expansion directly from Blizzard," saying that "all of the content on the game DVD can be downloaded in advance and you can start playing the moment we turn the servers on, which will be at midnight Pacific Standard Time on December 7th."

Blizzard working on official DOTA, Left 4 Dead clones for Starcraft II

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Kerrigan versus an angry Murloc. The Blademaster versus Sylvanas. All of this is now possible with the forthcoming Blizzard DOTA, that's been revealed and is playable, at Blizzcon. It follows the same template as traditional DOTA games, with teams of five heroes hiding behind hordes of automated armies, beating up towers. Heroes then level up, and buy new abilities and items.

They've also revealed Left 2 Die - a co-op version of the zombie defense mission in the Starcraft II single player campaign.

Blizzard lift lid on Diablo 3 Demon Hunter; PvP arenas, more

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At Blizzcon, at the Anaheim Convention Centre, Blizzard today revealed the final class in the Diablo 3 roster: the demon hunter, alongside new PvP  and character customisation features.

The Demon Hunter is Diablo 3's more traditional ranged archetype, dual wielding crossbows and using traps and dark magic to pew pew monsters from afar. The class is fast, violent and sleek - featuring skills like Bola shot (shoot an explosive rope around a monsters neck: BANG), spike traps, and a super-efficient multi-shot.

Also featured, rated arenas in which PvE players can bring their character to fight, kill, and splat in rounds of three or five. Rewards will include vanity items and achievements.

PC Gamer is at Blizzcon in force: we'll bring you more video, more news, and more impressions as soon as possible.