Battlefield 4 update

Battlefield 4 update rebalances weapons, tweaks vehicles, and improves stability (again)

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At this point, "several crash fixes and stability improvements" must be seared into the brains of every DICE employee. I imagine them wandering their offices, chanting it like some cultish mantra. It's cropped up again as a single line on Battlefield 4's latest giant update notes. This time, though, we're also getting some extensive balance tweaks to weapons and vehicles.

There's plenty here, both the significant and the specific. For the handful of people annoyed about the Active Protection and MP-APS's inability to properly stop 12G FRAG rounds, this could be the patch of a lifetime.

Battlefield 4 patch makes friendly fire harder, ensures less quantum leaping

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When Battlefield 4 released, a few of us at PCG Towers decided to enlist into its chaotic and crumbling servers in search of enjoyable shooty man times. Trying out the Defuse game mode, we quickly encountered a bug that would periodically kick the entire squad into Spectator mode. We played two rounds like this - temporarily Quantum Leaping into other players, then being kicked back to our body for a brief period of trying to complete the objective.

It was probably the most striking, weird and memorable thing that's happened to me in a first-person shooter for some time. So, while partially relieved that the game continues to be fixed, it's also with a slight trace of sadness that I report today's massive 900 MB patch, which - alongside a selection of other bugs and problems - fixes that particular surreal glitch.

Battlefield 4 update released, aims to reduce crashes and eliminate network sync bug

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Oh Battlefield 4, why can't all your bugs be as much fun as the driver glitch that Nvidia immediately fixed? The other issues have been far less entertaining, and have often involved the game booting players out of matches, or simply crashing. At least, given how dreary these problems are, people aren't going to miss them as DICE continue to reclaim their game. Today, a new update went live, hopefully pushing us a little closer to a fully working game.

Battlefield 4 server-side update claims to fix two of the most common crashes

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Battlefield 4's launch has been a bit of a mess, with players facing netcode problems, glitches and crashes. Even when they get into a game, things aren't perfect, as bits of the level start to fall apart as they... wait, I'm being told that's a feature. Fine, well, DICE have been working on the other problems, and today released a new server-side update that they hope will resolve the most frequent server crashes.