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The PC Gamer Rig: New CPUs, motherboards and more

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It's been a while since I updated the specs of the PC Gamer Rig, mainly because I've been waiting for things to settle down a bit in the wake of big CPU and graphics launches before coming up with a definitive list of best buy kit. With a few notable exceptions, Intel, NVIDIA and AMD have more or less finished the current round of the chip refreshment cycle, so if you're looking to build or upgrade a PC for less than £1000/$1500, here's what I think you should get.

The PC Gamer Rig: Are hard drive prices on their way down?

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Another lazy weekend, another chance to kick back with a screwdriver and mess around with the PC Gamer Rig. Our averagely priced PC is in a state of constant flux, and rarely makes it through seven days without something changing as new components are released and online bargains are found.

So what surprises hide beneath its SECC shell this week? How did I manage to shave xxx off the overall cost without sacrificing a framerate of power? And are hard drive prices finally on the way down? For the answers to all these and more, click through the link.

The PC Gamer Rig revisited

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After a couple of weeks off in which we looked at alternatives to the traditional gaming tower, it's time to turn on our PC for the average gamer, the PC Gamer Rig and see what's changed.

For the Rig is all things to all people: if you've never built a PC before and want to know what kind of spec you should aim for, let the Rig be your guide. If you want a list of potential upgrades that give you the best possible value for money, let the Rig be your guide. If you want to know how to put together a complete PC for less than £1000/$1500... well, you get the idea.

What's in the PC Gamer Rig this week?

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There comes a time for every carefully selected component in the PC Gamer Rig when it's time to face the big screwdriver in the sky and prepare for replacement. If it's a part that's been a stalwart of the Rig for many months, I'll hunt around the most obscure of online retailers to convince myself it's still available before giving up and retiring it for something easier to come by.

Especially if it's something as important as the screen.