Sega sue THQ for $940,000 over Company of Heroes 2 pre-orders

Phil Savage at

Sega have decided to give the corpse of THQ a sound poke with their legal stick. They're suing the bankrupt publisher for $941,710.93 (roughly £632,000), over Steam pre-orders of Company of Heroes 2. That's the amount Sega claim Valve paid to THQ between its pre-order launch and January 24th, 2013, when Relic and their RTS IP were bought by their new owner. The $940k is one thing, but the 93 cents? That's just vindictive.

THQ dissolves, auctions off franchises and studios - here's who bought what

Tyler Wilde at

THQ is no more: the bankrupt publisher and developer auctioned off its assets in U.S. Bankruptcy Court today. Though the court must still approve the sales, a letter from THQ's CEO (which was passed to Kotaku by an employee) reveals the bidders, which include Sega, Ubisoft, Deep Silver, Crytek, and Take-Two, and the THQ franchises and studios they'll acquire. Inside is a breakdown of who's getting what, and what led to today's sale.