Artificial Stupidity

Yogscast's main YouTube account temporarily terminated over age mix-up

Phil Savage at

It's a little known fact that Google doesn't employ humans any more. Over the last couple of years, they've been slowly phasing out the troublesome, saggy flesh sacks for cleaner, leaner automated algorithms. Unfortunately, those algorithms were created by troublesome, saggy flesh sacks - which is why they occasionally do stupid things like this. This morning, YouTube terminated the main account of the Yogscast, after mistakenly deciding - for reasons beyond mortal understanding - that it was being run by under-13s.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River review

Rich McCormick at

Operation Flashpoint: Red River tells me that I’m a slick sonofabitch, commanding three other slick sonofabitch marines. It tells me loudly, repeatedly, and gratingly – via the mouth of staff sergeant Shouty McRacist – that I’m a Spartan and a devil dog, and all those other ultramacho things that make me feel terribly uncomfortable because I haven’t seen combat.