AOC goes head-to-head with Asus on the refreshing 144Hz battlefield

Dave James at

AOC has announced a new high-end gaming screen set to hit the highs of a 144Hz refresh rate in its latest 24-inch monitor, the g2460Pqu. We’ll see it hitting the e-shelves later this month and with the latest high refresh rate TN panels we’ve seen recently - creating serious competition for the cheaper end of the IPS panel market - I’ve got a feeling the g2460Pqu could be a great gaming option.

AOC releases USB powered screens

Adam Oxford at

High end gaming PCs aren't the power hungry kilowatt killers that they used to be, but I still feel guilty every time I fit a 250W TDP graphics card to a new machine. Guilt of the kind that only someone who was taught by nuns can feel. Hence a more than passing interest in AOC's latest screens. They're so low power, they can be run off a USB port.

According the specs, the AOC e2251Fwu, which is being launched today, can hold its own with the best too. Highlights of the 22 inch screen include a 1000:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response rate and a 200cd/m2 nit rating for brightness. AOC is billing its low power usage as perfect for a large photo frame, but if it really is that efficient then it's far more interesting for multi monitor set-ups that won't burn your flesh off or send your electricity bill spiralling.

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