Maple Story invaded by aliens

Gavin Townsley at

Aliens have come to Maple Story and they're hellbent on destroying everything we hold dear in our little 2D hearts. Alliance Unbound, the game's latest update, has caused supernatural earthquakes to demolish the landscape of New Leaf City. Players will have to band together and join the Alliance to find the cause and fight off the evil space invaders. The plan: harness their technology and use it against them. Didn't I see Will Smith do this once?

20 ways Blizzard changed the world

PC Gamer at

We celebrated Blizzard's 20th anniversary with a massive cover story in our April issue that analyzed just how far-reaching their impact on gamers across the globe has been. In part one of our Blizzard story, we put our collective minds together to put together a list of the many and varied ways that Blizzard has affected the "real-world" through their games. Here they are presented for your viewing pleasure: the 20 ways that Blizzard Entertainment has altered the very fabric of life.