New discoveries! Charting the PC Gamer Republic in Minecraft

Michael Quach


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With towering stone hotels, floating islands, and lava flowing freely from our very bedrooms, the brave PC Gamer Republic is being colonized at an incredible pace. Re-entering PCG Republic with an expedition force, I've scoured the land to make contact with local citizens. Below is a photograph we took during our flyover this morning and a documentation of our exploration.


The PC Gamer Minecraft server is found at Our land is open to the public: erect your castle, fortress, or Logan-honoring statue at your earliest convenience. Or, just pop in to mine cobblestone for someone else's giant pyramid. Send us screenshots of your creations to or visit the “Play with PC Gamer” section of our forum and post your screenshots in our Minecraft thread, PCG US Minecraft Server

Rules of the Republic:

  • Don't destroy or alter other people's creations without their permission
  • This is a family-friendly server, please nothing over PG-13
  • We're here to have fun with other players and help each other, don't be a jerk.
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    On the mainland, we couldn't miss this massive structure. The water flowing from its the corners makes it appear as if the structure was being supported by river-pillars. Based on how exterior of the building was designed, our field scientists agree that the creator is someone named _cntrl.

    To the north of the _cntrl building, we find a mile-deep pit with towers rising out from the bedrock below. A floating, upside-down pyramid hangs in the sky nearby.

    Along the coast we discovered some sort of theatre. The roof was made out of dirt and never-ending water flowed off the top. A sign by the entrance labeled it as the “PCG Grand Theatre” by eLZyBee. We suspect it is an arena or a there is a sacrificial pit within. So far, we've only discovered dressing rooms.

    PCG Grand Theatre.

    Near the center of the city, we found what seems to be the oldest standing structure in the Republic. It's called the @Gamer mansion and the valuables within looted ages ago. All that's left is the exterior, which remains in excellent condition despite the years (okay, weeks) of neglect. A partial tablet was found saying the creators were Andy Salisbury and Evan Lahti .

    It's actually @Gamer Mansion. Evidence indicates that diamond graffiti was added to relabel the structure.

    Castle Vostrevosk, we read as we approached the massive stone steps. Built upon a floating island, the castle casts a long shadow over the valley below. Walkways connect the other floating islands to the main castle and there is observation deck on the top.

    Another view of the castle.

    We ended the day near a cactus fort built by Tom Francis , which has a stone warrior guarding it. The locals continue to flee as our team approaches, but we will eventually get one on camera and have them explain the structures to us.

    Cactus Fort ahoy!

    We hope to report back in the coming weeks of our findings in this strange new land. We'd encourage you to come visit and and help us accomplish our goal: harnessing your raw enthusiasm for Minecraft to create stunning arrangements of blocks.

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