New discoveries! Charting the PC Gamer Republic in Minecraft

Near the center of the city, we found what seems to be the oldest standing structure in the Republic. It's called the @Gamer mansion and the valuables within looted ages ago. All that's left is the exterior, which remains in excellent condition despite the years (okay, weeks) of neglect. A partial tablet was found saying the creators were Andy Salisbury and Evan Lahti .

Castle Vostrevosk, we read as we approached the massive stone steps. Built upon a floating island, the castle casts a long shadow over the valley below. Walkways connect the other floating islands to the main castle and there is observation deck on the top.

We ended the day near a cactus fort built by Tom Francis , which has a stone warrior guarding it. The locals continue to flee as our team approaches, but we will eventually get one on camera and have them explain the structures to us.

We hope to report back in the coming weeks of our findings in this strange new land. We'd encourage you to come visit and and help us accomplish our goal: harnessing your raw enthusiasm for Minecraft to create stunning arrangements of blocks.