Maddest PC rigs ever? Your best entries for our Vulcan's Craftsman Challenge

Andy Hartup

New God Vulcan - handy around the house
Last week, we set you the challenge of snapping pictures of your mad, powerful, custom PC rigs with the aim of winning a brand new Alienware TactX keyboard and mouse. It was all to celebrate the release of new God Vulcan (no, nothing to do with Star Trek) in MOBA game Smite .

"By adding Vulcan to our roster, we wanted to highlight his skill as a craftsman in his design," says Smite Lead Designer Travis Brown. "By assembling Thumper XVI turrets and Inferno Cannon's to do his dirty work, he brings a new and unique playstyle to Smite. In balancing the durability of his structures versus the damage potential of them, we decided to allow the player to tweak themselves how much of a tank versus damage role that they would like to play. The more protections and health items that players buy, the more durable the structures. Very similar to this contest where PC Gamer fans are customizing their PCs, Vulcan can customize the durability of his structures through gameplay!"

Thanks, Travis. Well, the competition has now closed and the PC Gamer team has picked one ultimate winner, and four worthy runners up. Massive thanks to everyone who entered - we had hundreds of entries, we looked at every single one, and deciding the winners was a Herculean task. The ultimate - frankly astonishing - winner is on the last page. Each PC owner who has their rig featured in this story wins an Ultimate God Pack for Smite, which includes all 29 deities, and the overall winner gets the keyboard and mouse. We, er, hope he left space in his custom case to plug them in. Click through - you'll see what we mean...

5. Donny Cryer

It's all out in the open...


- Lenovo Thinkpad T61

- Intel Core2Duo T9300 @ 2.5Ghz processor

- 4 GB RAM

- Intel 160GB SSD

- ExpressCard to PCI Express Adapter

- ASUS ENGTX570 DCII/2DIS/1280MD5 GeForce GTX 570

- SeaSonic X-SERIES X-1050 1050W power supply for video card

- Saitek Eclipse keyboard

- Logitech G5 mouse

- Samsung SyncMaster 940BX monitor

PC Gamer says: "Nice deconstructed set-up from Donny, although we wonder if it's strictly necessary to have such a focus on fans when most of the kit is outside the box... Also: water hazard. Best move that bottle."

4. Omar Lashko

Nice yellow trim, Omar


- i7 3770k processor running @stock (for now)

- MSI Mpower Z77

- MSI HD 7950 graphics card

- Corsair AX750 with custom individually sleeved cables (done with pain and suffering)

- Avexir 1600, 4x4GB RAM

- Vector 128GB SSD (velcro'd in the back of the motherboard tray)

- NZXT Switch 810 Black (spray painted some of the mesh yellow & di-noc'd the front with carbon fiber(planning on doing roof too))

- 27inch ASUS VE278Q 1080p monitor

PC Gamer says: "Omar, we like the cut of your jib. Although your hardware is still work in progress, we admire what you're doing with those custom cables. Call us budding Gok Wan-gers, but that yellow is really working with the black case."

3. Sherlock Dy

Sherlock's rig is afoot, Watson


- Intel Core i5 2500K (OC at 4.8GHz)

- Asrock Z68 Extreme4 B3

- 2x 4GB RAM

- Seasonic M12II 850W Modular power supply

- MSI R7850 Power Edition 2GB GDDR5 video card

- Cooler Master HAF X case

- Asus Xonar Essence STX soundcard

- SSD is a OCZ Vertex 4 256GB

- 3x HDD (150GB, 1TB, 500GB)

PC Gamer says: "Power meets beauty (well, lovely glowing neon) in Sherlock's rig. Not the most outlandish design, but it's well put together and handsome to look at."

2. David Rebbetts

A true desktop PC


- It's made from an old table and bits of a wardrobe I had laying around, plus some 3mm aluminium using hand tools only.

- The monitor mount is integrated. I intend to put a window in the top but need to buy a router to accomplish it.

- The hardware is fairly ancient with a few new bits.

- The new bits are an Asus directcu Nvidia 560ti gpu and an Antec true power new 550w psu.

- The rest was used by Brunel to produce the SS Great Britain CAD drawings: n8sli deluxe mobo, amd64 4200+ processor, 4gb generic ram and a couple of 250GB HDD's (one's a caviar black).

PC Gamer says: "At first glance, we thought David had simply nipped down to PC World and IKEA, put it all together, and sent us a photo. It's only when you look closer, then see the work-in-progress shots, that his achievement becomes clear. It's a custom PC inside a custom desk. We tip our collective hat to you, sir."

Here's a work-in-progress snap of David's in-desk PC

1. Eric Randall - Winner

This custom rig blows our tiny minds


- Intel Q9550 CPU

- Gigabyte P45 UD3P mobo

- 4GB Kingston PC6400 / 4GB Mushkin PC6400 RAM

- Crossfire HIS Radeon 4890s graphics

- Corsair HX620 power supply

- EK full covers for the GPUs / Cooler master Gemini 2 for the CPU

- Mountain Mods Twice 7

- WD Caviar Blue 500GB SATA HD / 60GB OCZ Vertex 2

PC Gamer says: "We'll be honest Eric, your rig scares us a little. It's massive and mad, but gloriously so. The custom paint jobs show off your artistic talent, but we appreciate the fact that you know how to put together a respectable PC too. This PC set-up would be better placed in a gallery than an office or bedroom. Good work - you're a deserving winner."

More shots of Eric's terrifying rig

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